Neriak Crafter’s Guide (POIs)

I began tradeskilling on my Brigand a couple weeks ago. Seeing as how he’s my “main” in Neriak, I have used him to learn the city, and learn how/where to harvest and craft (not to mention where to level and get AA, as described in my earlier “neriak newbie guide”). For a long time I wasn’t a huge fan of tradeskilling, but when starting out a new toon, it seems best to get started with it then. I’m also not so much a fan because my main is a woodworker, and they get hardly any new recipies every level, so I never really got far. But my Brigand is a Jeweler, and leveling goes much faster with all the new recipies every level.

I got started by harvesting in Darklight Wood. This is a T1 zone as far as harvesting goes, despite the fact that it is a T1/T2 zone for adventuring. Makes sure to harvest enough to get all of your harvesting skills above 20 points, enabling you to harvest T2. I didn’t bother with trying to find all of the different tradeskill stations in Neriak at this time, as there is no “Tradeskill Instance” like in Qeynos and Freeport. Instead, I chose to head into the Commonlands and into Freeport to a Tradeskill Instance. From there, I leveled from 1 to 10, and then headed back into the Commonlands to harvest all of my T2 raws. After I had harvested enough, I went back into Freeport to level from 10-20.

At this point, harvesting is a journey. For T3, I decided to harvest in the Thundering Steppes, near the South East Tower station, because there are a lot of nodes here, and most people aren’t harvesting at the times I play. Here I harvested a bunch, and got a lot of rares. I kept the rares I could use, and threw the extras on the Broker (made a pretty penny too).

It is easier at this point to craft in Neriak, because when you are a dedicated tradeskill class, you don’t have to run to different stations, you use only one. In the earlier levels you use more than one different station, so having the instance with all of them in it makes it more convenient. I took it upon myself to give you the locations of all the different crafter stations in Neriak, and a few other points of interest as well. Here they are:

Crafting Stations:

Neriak’s New Foriegn Quarter:
Engraved Desk (Scribe): 135, 20, 73
Work Bench (Jeweler): 110.72, 21.82, 88.99
Chemistry Table (Alchemist): 81.43, 23.56, 106.66

Indigo Hollow:
Forge (Armorer/Weaponsmith): -15.78, 13.39, -2.94
Woodworking Table (Woodworker/Carpenter): -18.08, 19.90, 34.23
Stove & Keg (Provisioner): -72.84, 19.90, 28.05
Sewing Table & Mannequin (Tailor): -101.22, 21.84, -19.33

Other POIs:

Neriak’s New Foriegn Quarter:
Housing (newbie): 82.11, 23.37, 162
Achievement Respec: 135, 20, 73

Dockside Markets:
Bank: -168.47, 13.09, 290.34
Collector: 15, 7, 337
Guild Status Item Turn in: -104.41, 8.08, 320.40
Teleporters (TS/Nek): 34.70, 3.68, 286.37
Seloxia Stronghold (Fighter Guild): 32.33, 3.68, 325.62

Spires of Innoruk:
(Priest Guild): -300, 29, 204

Cristanos Plaza:
Library of K’Lorn (Mage Guild): -693, 17, 245
Hall of The Ebon Mask (Scout Guild): -468.39, 29.57, 97.87

That should get you around the city much more easily, if you haven’t figured out those locations yourself by now. Happy crafting!

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