The Seven Gaming Sins #NBI2015



The fourth and final Talkback Challenge was more of a questionnaire posed by Joseph Skyrim. He related gaming to the “seven deadly sins” in a clever enough way that if nothing else gives us one more thing to write about. I like clever shit anyway. Your mileage may vary.  Here goes:

Lust – Do you enjoy games more if they have scantily clad and “interestingly proportioned” avatars? Do you like playing as one of these avatars? Why or why not?

As a straight man, of course I enjoy the female form, scantily clad (or completely naked for that matter). When it comes to games though, I’m not really affected one way or the other. If it’s an MMO character generator you’re referencing, or fluff items, etc, I’m all for options. Some people (women included) want to see their characters in something skimpy. Others do not. Don’t limit people’s imaginations for their own characters is my thought. If it’s a game where there’s nothing but scantily clad avatars (males included) it starts feeling less like a fantasy world, and more like a teenagers wet dream.

Gluttony – Do you have a game backlog of unfinished games but still buy new games regardless? Why or why not?

I do, and I don’t know why it started happening. Going back in time, I wouldn’t have been able to afford games regularly, so I would beat the games I owned long before I got new ones (outside of maybe some rentals). When I was monogamous with MMOs for a few years, I didn’t have the time for other games. These days, I play all kinds of games, yet I don’t always finish them right away. Sometimes they sit in the backlog for a while before I get back around to beating them. When something new comes out or I catch a fantastic sale, I pick up a few games, even if I don’t plan to play them right away. I do eventually go back though and beat a game or two from the backlog (or one that I just picked up, if it hooks me right away). I enjoy the variety. I get sick of logging into the same game day after day, so I have to break it up.

Greed – Do you enjoy hand outs in a game? Have you ever opted to NOT do an action / in game activity because the rewards were lacking? Why or why not?

Who doesn’t enjoy a hand out? I’ve taken buffs, gold, been “twinked” and power leveled. Most of the freebies or “login rewards” in recent games have been pretty lame, but I remember veteran rewards from EQ2 being pretty awesome. I have definitely opted out of in game activites because the rewards sucked. If there was another dungeon, raid, pvp event, public quest or other form of getting a comparable or better reward, I was avoiding something that wasn’t going to be much of an upgrade (or otherwise serve an immediate purpose). I’m not going to waste time on something that isn’t enjoyable, and if your whole game is grindy nonsense with a few freebies once in a while, I’m probably not going to stay for long.

Sloth – Do you ever leech or AFK in a party? Do you discourage others from attempting things that you feel are difficult? Have you ever seen someone that needed help, but decided not to help them? Why or why not?

I have never leeched or AFK’d without prior consent. I.E. I need to afk for a bio break, and the group makes a couple pulls without me. I have helped the random passerby in MMOs, particularly in the EQ/2 days. Also helped when there were calls because of other factions nearby or ganking people, etc. I haven’t really discouraged people, but there have been times I’ve not had the time or felt like helping a group/friends/guildies to do something.

Wrath – Ever get angry at other players and yell (or TYPE IN CAPS) at them? Have you ever been so angry to stalk a person around in game and / or in the forums? Why or why not?

I have used caps. But it’s been a while. It’s usually just for emphasis. I have stalked people in game in PvP, because maybe they ganked me or stole the kill I needed for a quest update, or for whatever reason I want, it’s PvP I’m going to kill you for no reason. But going beyond to forums or other places, no. That’s kind of crazy.

Envy – Ever felt jealous of players who seem to be able to complete content you can’t? Do you ever suspect they are hacking or otherwise cheating? Why or why not?

I have felt jealous of people who can get higher than me on leaderboards, or have been lucky enough to finish a raid with a pickup group or a better guild, whatever the case may be. But usually I just keep plugging away and attain what I want, or call it a day and stop worrying about it. I’ve met plenty of hackers/cheaters in competitive games. I don’t think that’s super prevalent in co-op or single player games, so it’s whatever.

Pride – Are you one of those people that demands grouping with other “elite” players? Do you kick players out of your team who you feel are under-performing? Why or why not?

I really prefer playing with people on the same page/skill level as me when I’m playing something that’s competitive. I don’t want a shit team in an FPS or MOBA for obvious reasons, and that’s usually a source of my gaming wrath. Those types of games are designed to be a test of who’s the better team. However, I don’t usually make fun of or talk down to people who aren’t as good. On the MMO side of things, I haven’t kicked someone from a group unless they were just being an asshole or are ninja looting.

And there you have it. The seven gaming sins, Izzy style.

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Selfie of the Dead #NBI2015Safari

I didn’t do a third entry into the #NBI2015Safari last week, and really hadn’t planned on doing another one but as Murf is now collating lists of the entries for the month, I started thinking I should do another. Murf expressed some surprise when I used a shot from H1Z1 for the Landscapes category, and to this point it seems I’m the only one who has made an H1Z1 submission. As such, I found another suitable screenshot from the game that can land in a different category: the Selfie.


Unlike WoW, there isn’t a selfie feature in the game, and technically this isn’t my avatar. But with my clever play on words in the title of this post, this is now a selfie of Mr. Zombie there. Isn’t he cute?

Oh, you got some red on you!

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State of the Game: Short and Sweet


I have pretty much been plugging away at the same games this week, so rather than drone on about what I’ve done exactly, I will just be touching on the main points and calling it a day. Sound good? Okay then.

First up, League of Legends. Yes, I’m still playing regularly, though I haven’t played too much ranked. Still Bronze II. Someday I might get out of it, but I’m not that focused. Been having a blast playing the newest champion I purchased, Jinx, and working on my Mastery ranks for champions, which is a new system Riot introduced recently. Basically, the more you play a champion, you “level up” but it comes down to being fluff mostly. I think I’m at rank 8 or 9, because I have a handful of champions whom I’ve played, the highest being Jinx at level 3. If nothing else, it gives you some other meta to work on, which is alright by me, as I already play regularly.

I had a great game with Jinx the other day, where our mid laner fed 5 deaths and then disconnected from the game. I carried hard, and we still won the game even in a 4v5 which is pretty difficult to do. However, they did have an off-meta bot lane that didn’t work out so well for them, which got me snowballing. It helps that Jinx is such a hyper carry.


Next, I finally finished Shadow Warrior. The final boss wasn’t too difficult but did take some time to take down. The story ended well, and my overall verdict of the game was that it was fantastic. I will continue my playthrough write ups, though I think I’m going to start combining chapters and get it done fairly quickly, because I want to move on to something else. That’s the big debate I have now. I have League as my MOBA of choice. Titanfall has been my mainstay lobby shooter. I have several MMOs I dabble in, but Shadow Warrior was my main single player game for the last month. Not sure what I want to move on to. I did buy Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel a couple of months ago in a sale and really want to dive into that, but I have plenty of other games in my backlog as well. Maybe I’ll do a poll. We’ll see.


I have toyed around with Sid Meier’s Starships here and there, and finally finished my first game. Of course, this was accomplished over a long period of time, despite only having a couple of hours put into the game. That’s because it’s really easy to jump in and jump out for ten minutes at a time and feel like you made some progress. As such, that first game gives me a good impression of the game overall, and I like it. It’s a very simplified 4x, but it still scratches that itch. The tactical combat is definitely the best part, but the diplomacy and micromanagement of your empire is still fun too.

Lastly, I’ve been plugging away at my Season 3 Hardcore Witch Doctor in Diablo III. I hit level 53 the other night and have bumped the difficulty up to Expert. I think I could actually handle Master but I’m doing baby steps because I don’t want to kill this character off, like most of my other seasonal characters. I’d like to get her to 70 before the season ends, if nothing else just to get the achievement. Here’s what she looks like currently, along with her build at the moment:

Screenshot021 Screenshot022

Alternatively, you can see the full build and stats stuff over on my Anook page.

That’s all for this week. Til next time.

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Couch Podtatoes Episode 46: The Talkback Challenge


Apologies for the late episode, but as I mentioned previously, Eri has gone back to work, so we’re still trying to sort out good recording times. We did however record next week’s show in advance so we’ll at least be on time with that one :P We mutually decided that we would answer the third NBI talkback challenge rather than writing it out on our respective blogs, so after a short discussion about what we’ve been playing this week, we dive into our gaming histories. There really isn’t much more to it than that!


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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 46: The Talkback Challenge (runtime: 40:51)

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Shadow Warrior: Not Quite a Genie


As Chapter 8 opens, Wang is still making his way through the Zilla Corporation’s compound. This bit is less of a sewage management plant, and more of a rail yard and dock.


Shortly after the level starts I ended up either gaining enough Karma for a new skill, or perhaps I just hadn’t spent the points yet, but I decided to go into the mind tree at some point, for the extra base health.


The first fortune cookie of the level was particularly brilliant.


Another new enemy type showed up on this level. These bastards are tough! Not only do they charge straight up to you, but the do considerable damage with their dual-wielded katanas. Then right when you turn to face them, they go into stealth and run about, only to ambush you again. They take some hits too. Mostly an annoyance though.


The majority of the level shows that this facility is in some serious disrepair. There’s more of the same types of altars to be shattered to gain access to other parts of the level, secrets galore, and of course enough karma and ki stones for some more upgrades.

When the facility gives way to a shipyard area, a short cinematic is displayed, where you find Zilla’s favorite assassins, who have some choice words for wang. Turns out they are looking for the sword too, and want you to help them blow some shit up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the same room, there’s a couple more fortune cookies to be found:

2015-04-24_00017 2015-04-24_00018

And of course, the final results of the level:


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