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I love CCGs. I was obsessed with Magic: The Gathering when I was a kid. I originally played it in Junior High (Shortly after abandoning comic cards, some of which I still have), and took a break, then I got started back up in high school with some friends. I quit again, but picked it up a few years later when I was out of high school. I’m still interested in the game, but the problem is it’s a social game, and if you don’t have any friends that have cards, then it can get pretty boring pretty fast. Especially pitting your decks against each other, since you know all of the strengths/weaknesses. Anyhow, I am well versed in that game, so I know a thing or two about CCGs.

Now don’t get me wrong, an EQ-themed CCG is a great idea. BUT I don’t believe they should implement it into the existing MMO. I don’t believe cards should drop off mobs. I don’t believe loot cards should give in-game rewards, particularly since every booster pack gives rewards, so everyone is going to end up with the same gear, or a shitload of xp potions.

It has been established that the game will be playable separately with an independent client, or from within the game. I believe they should have stuck with the pure client, and not integrated the two games together. There’s already plenty to do in EQ1/EQ2, and new content is released pretty regularly, so why do we need even more shit to do? I know not all players will play the game, but for those of us who want to experience everything, now we have something else to master, and frankly it gets a little overwhelming.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of CCGs. I would actually like to play this, but I’m not sure I will be able to devote the time to this, getting my main’s tradeskill level up, leveling up an alt to 70/100/70 (who is currently 29/23/20), playing with my dual-box combo, and playing with my lady. Maybe when I wasn’t feeling like playing EQ, the CCG would be a nice change of pace, but I’m not really sure. The concepts seem interesting, having looked at the official forums for the game. EQ is beginning to remind me of FFVII, with all of the mini-games. This is not necessarily a bad step for SOE, as it will bring in more funds, and possibly some new players, and will allow players from separate MMOs (EQ1/EQ2) to play together for short periods of time. But I’m standing firm on the belief that they should have left the game stand alone.

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  1. I agree Lishian, this is a game to be played while waiting for raids to form. Otherwise, i think it’s just another timesink taking away from more important things. But then again I now sound retarded for trying to make any part of it important, as it’s all a relatively non-important part of life.


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