Budget ‘Lock

I have been having a lot of success with the Zoo variation of the Warlock deck in Hearthstone. I’ll admit, I originally saw the deck online, so it is a Net Deck. I know, how noob of me. It’s not as if I haven’t played the Warlock successfully otherwise. My “Murlock” deck was pretty cool, and wasn’t like typical Murloc decks, mainly because I was lacking some of the cards. My best deck remains my Hunter, and I built that one from scratch, so I know that my deck making skills aren’t complete crap. Still, the Zoo variation is quite flexible, and with just a bit of luck, you decimate your foes very quickly. In the games where your staying power is tested, sometimes it doesn’t work out so well. Still, there will be a twist of fate and the right combo will present itself and you’ll still get the win when all had looked lost.

My “budget” version of the Zoo deck didn’t have any legendaries or even epic cards. It was all rare or below, and it was working well. I substituted some cards for ones I didn’t yet own, and that worked out ok. Then I played an even more stripped down version for the NBI tournament (that is still going on by the way. I have plans for a post about that when it finally ends) and still did pretty well with it (in matches that counted, I didn’t lose, but of course J3w3l managed to beat me when I played her on our own time). I have since crafted all of the cards needed to make this still count as a budget deck, but I have two of everything and it synergizes quite well. Here’s the decklist:


Tonight I was running some dailies that I let pile up (last night I wasn’t in the mood and the night before I was playing EQ2) and I played with the Zoo deck. I lost a few sure, but overall I had a good little run. After finishing my dailies I needed ten more gold for an arena ticket, and luckily I only needed one more win to get in. One game, one win, check. With my Arena ticket in hand, I picked a Warlock and built the closest deck to my Zoo variation as possible. There were some differences but I managed to get some of the core cards. I’m not sure how it went down like this, but I ended up 6-3 when my Arena run was over and received a decent reward. I was surprised by my success because I cannot count how many times I’ve built what I thought was an excellent Arena deck and got trounced 3 times in a row. That didn’t happen this time, and I was glad for it.

I streamed tonight’s activities, you can check the broadcast out over on my Twitch Channel.

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