Getting started in Might and Magic X

So as I mentioned previously, I picked up a copy of Might and Magic X – Legacy via Steam, motivated by the sale price. I haven’t touched a game in the series since M&M2, and that was a Sega Genesis port of the title. I have played a couple of the Heroes of Might and Magic games over the years, but despite being the same world/lore, it’s really unrelated. Whereas Heroes is a turn based strategy top-down game, the OG M&M is a first person party-based RPG. It’s still somewhat turn based once you get into combat, but it is a little more free form than it’s strategy counterpart. I was happy to find that the initial set up of your party is still fully customizable, though it does seem to be a little more streamlined from what I remember. There are options to form a default or a random group as well:

Might  and  Magic® X Legacy2014-4-14-2-32-17

Of course, I chose to create my own party, because random sounds a little dangerous and a preset lacks imagination. Here’s the party that I ended up with:

Might  and  Magic® X Legacy2014-4-14-2-47-10

My thought process was a Crusader tank (who can use a bit of magic), a Bladedancer for dual wielding DPS, a Runepriest which isn’t much of a priest but rather a mage like DPS class, and a Druid who will be my main healer, although she came equipped with damage spells to begin with. This may not be an optimal group selection, but as of right now it has worked for me. I did make a couple of mistakes with initial skill selections, particularly with my Druid — I didn’t select an initial weapon skill, so she started unarmed and I couldn’t use basic attacks. This was a little limiting, but thankfully upon leveling up you can add new skills, and I managed to get a decent dagger drop along with the skill for her. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Might  and  Magic® X Legacy2014-4-14-2-52-47

After the intro movie, you end up on this dock here. The town of Sorpigal by the Sea. There is some story here, but basically you’re a new merc in town and have to get some things sorted out before you can leave. Some quest pointed at other locations on the world map, but as I said, you are stuck in town until you solve a mystery.

Might  and  Magic® X Legacy2014-4-14-3-11-58


The sergeant at the garrison says that there’s a bunch of spiders down a well in the center of town, and accompanies you to deal with the issue.

Might  and  Magic® X Legacy2014-4-14-3-20-20

Entering the Spider Lair gave us our first tastes of dungeon crawls in this game, and combat. Combat is turn based in that you can only move if not otherwise engaged (if a mob is directly next to you it is impossible to move away), and if a mob is far enough away to not be able to hit you it is possible to hit them with spells/ranged attacks and kite to a degree. All four of your characters can perform an action during your turn, and then all enemies nearby (and they will surround you if possible) take their actions. In some cases you can burn down a mob before it has a chance to do anything, but then you come across a boss of sorts, and they will definitely take a little more skill to best. Health and mana management become a little tricky, and I’m sure that will only continue to become more prevalent.

Might  and  Magic® X Legacy2014-4-14-3-21-36

The cave was pretty straight forward. We killed many a spider and eventually found the queen.

Might  and  Magic® X Legacy2014-4-14-3-26-10

Upon defeating this baddie, we ended up finding some treasure chests and then returned to town. At that point it was time for me to call it a night, but I’m going to continue my run through this game in further posts.

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