Bullet Time Two

Here we are again, another chunk of time has passed and I have done very little writing. I’m not exactly sure what’s put me in this slump, but I intend to get back to a more regular posting schedule this week. So let’s get to it shall we?

  • The Newbie Blogger Initiative is ramping up, we’re just over two weeks away from the official start date. The site has recently seen a face-lift so go check it out! I’ve been tasked with curating the blog and its archive and work will be going into that this week, so keep checking back for more information, there’s going to be a lot to take in.
  • I may not be one of the in-crowd who is checking out the newest MMO to hit the market (ESO) but I have been playing a long time favorite, Everquest II. Despite having been a bit behind the curve, I’ve spent quite a few nights doing dungeon runs with members of my guild, and I’ve managed to take my Brigand from ~200 AAs to ~250. There are so many dungeons and bits of group content that I didn’t take part in throughout some of the earlier expansions that I’ve been able to earn more AA from discovery, named and some quests. I’ve also been using a bunch of experience potions that I’ve had on my account for a very long time, and that has helped considerably as well. I believe I’ve already said so, but I do have a full-length post with a bunch of screenshots detailing bits of our recent adventures.
  • Outside of the Brigand, I have also started up the enervated epic questline on my Paladin, but found out that I had never learned Draconic, so I also had to start up the Speak as a Dragon quest. Thankfully there was a change added where you no longer have to go and find all of the runes to complete the quest, as long as you have done the quest at least once. I had already done it on my Brigand, so you can purchase the tablet with the runes from the Shady Swashbuckler in Nektulos. I did find that I kept the tablet in my bank though, so I just transferred it over the Paladin and that took care of that. Unfortunately I had a couple of busy days and was unable to join my guild who were doing the enervated quest on some of their alts, so my Paladin will have to wait a little while longer for some love.
  • I’ve also done a bit of tradeskilling, raising my Jeweler from ~30 to ~34. My lowbie Wizard also gained a couple of levels one day when I was bored. The rest of that news I will save for that other post.
  • I played a little bit of Diablo III the other day, and my Wizard is now level 68. I’m not sure why, but as soon as I beat the new Act and started on Adventure mode I suddenly lost interest in playing. My Dad had mentioned to me that he was loving some of the stuff in adventure mode, and he asked if I had tried the Nephalim Rifts yet, which I had not. So I joined him for one and it was pretty cool. It was definitely pretty difficult, and I died a few times. Basically it’s a random dungeon where you are tasked with killing a certain amount of monsters until a progress bar is filled. From there a boss is summoned and once it is defeated you are done. There was over 500 monsters in that single dungeon, as I got an achievement for killing 500 mobs in a single Rift. The loot was pretty good, I saw a couple of upgrades, but then I put Diablo III back on the shelf.
  • In other Blizzard news, it was announced a couple of days ago that Hearthstone is getting its first expansion of sorts. The Curse of Naxxramas is going to be a single player adventure mode, where you fight different opponents and eventually fight bosses as well. I imagine it will be something similar to the way the tutorial played, with unique villains to face. Completing the single player experience is supposed to net you new cards for the neutral set. Doing class specific challenges will net you new class-specific cards. Apparently the expansion will release over the course of weeks, a new bit each week, and the first part is going to be free. The rest will cost currency, though the in-game gold can be used, so you aren’t required to use RMT. That’s a nice touch. I also read somewhere that there are plans for a 2v2 mode, which would play like MTG’s two-headed giant mode. That’s something the game is sorely missing, as playing with your friends is usually more fun than playing against them.
  • Awesomenauts is still taking up the rest of my free time, though I spent more time this week on the PS3 version than on Steam. Part of the reason is because I was still taking note of some of the differences between the two versions, the other was because I just wanted to play with my roommate. I had missed having a reliable partner almost all of the time. I did jump in game on Steam at one point though, mainly to check out the changes that came with the 2.3 patch. There are far too many changes to go into right here, but the most prominent was the addition of a new naut, Penny Fox. Reading her kit, she didn’t sound all that great, but after having tried her, I did like what I saw. She’s melee, so that comes with its own set of challenges, but her abilities help with ranged damage and mobility. She has a charge that stuns enemies hit, along with a beam attack that will hit all opponents caught it the blast. Her unique mechanic is having charges, up to four at one time, that determine levels of damage on her abilities. When charges are used, she gains more with her basic attack. All in all she is a worthy addition to the roster.
  • Lastly, there was a sale on Steam, and I was notified via email because the game in question was on my wishlist. Might and Magic X – Legacy released at the beginning of this year, and though I haven’t played a Might and Magic game in a very long time, it looked interesting enough to give a try. It being on sale just sweetened the deal. The last time I played a game in the series was way back on my Sega Genesis, and it was a port of Might and Magic II. I never beat that game but I did spend many an hour with it, and I have fond memories. I’m hoping that this new game will be awesome, but I have yet to play it. More on this later.

That’s it for this round-up. Until next time.