Ongoing Series

This page is dedicated to bringing together posts that have been an ongoing series. “The War Report” chronicles my ongoing re-entry into Magic: The Gathering. My gaming round up, called “State of the Game” collects my playing habits that don’t otherwise fit into singular posts. “State of the Tweet” posts round up collections of tweets that may or may not pertain to gaming, and aren’t on any set schedule. “Fantasy Thursdays” and the LCS Review posts are referring to my performance in the League of Legends Fantasy League (when I’m actually playing). Game play-thrus detail my experiences playing through particular titles, and Lists are a compilation of things that were list-worthy. More stuff is added here all time time, so feel free to browse and check back!


The War Report
Theorycrafting – Werewolves
Theorycrafting – Master Trinketeer Deck
Aether Revolt
Discovering Commander
Standard Legal Life Gain Deck
Theorycrafting: Commander
Commander Zombies


The State of the Game
Session Based Gaming
More Sessions
Open Worlds
Revisiting The Past
SotG #10
SotG #11
SotG #12
SotG #13
SotG #14
SotG #15
SotG #16
SotG #17
SotG #18
SotG #19
SotG #20
SotG #21
SotG #22
The State of the Game is no more
All Over the Place
Creative Endeavors
Very Little Gaming
Action Oriented
Summer Sale
Mostly MOBA
Varied Content
I Have a Problem
Blaugust Edition
Blaugust Edition #2
Shadowgate and More
Blaugust Finale
Round-Up of Things
The Usual Suspects
Looking Forward
Back to Session-Based
Playing & Watching
Week 42, 2014
Some Old, Some New
Spice of Life Edition
GW2 Edition
Thanksgaming Edition
Thanksgaming Again
Mixed Bag
The Steam Holiday Sale
Day Late, Dollar Short
Casual Mode, Engage
Smed’s Dead
A New Season
Ranked Play
Week 8, 2015
The One Constant
Death is Permanent
Time to Die
Tax Season
The Short Edition
Humble Edition
Playing Catch Up
Short and Sweet
Monster Summer Sale
Too Hot to Care
Playing It All
Graphics Aren’t Everything
Betas Are In
Holiday Haul Edition
MOBA Madness
Progress Report Time
Fall Edition
A New Year Edition
Progress Report
Resident Destiny Evil Fantasy XV
Housekeeping Edition


The Gamer To-Do List
Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4

State of the Tweet
Media Consumption
NBI Edition


Season 6:
Season 6, Week 1
Season 6, Week 2
Season 6, Week 3
Season 6, Week 4
Season 6, Week 5

Season 5:
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Final Recap


Shadow Warrior:
Prologue/Chapter 1
The Party Bus
A Spiritual Laxative
Can’t Remember That Night
Chapter 5
Home Sweet Home
You Should See the Other Guy
Not Quite a Genie
That’s A Wrap

Shadowrun Returns:
Entering Shadowrun
The Murder Mystery Unfolds
Catching the Ripper
Dead Man’s Switch

Shadowrun: Dragonfall:
Shadowrun: Dragonfall
False Flag & Loose Ends

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier:
Episodes 1 & 2

The Walking Dead Season 2:
Season 2, Episode 1
A House Divided
In Harm’s Way
Amid the Ruins
No Going Back

The Wolf Among Us:
Episode 1
Smoke and Mirrors
The Crooked Mile
In Sheep’s Clothing
Cry Wolf

Tales From the Borderlands:
Atlas Mugged
Catch A Ride
Escape Plan Bravo
Vault of the Traveler

Game of Thrones:
Iron From Ice
The Lost Lords
Sword in the Darkness
Sons of Winter
A Nest of Vipers
The Ice Dragon

Skyrim: Dawnguard:
Deeper into Dawnguard
Beyond the Grave
Completing Dawnguard

Skyrim: Dragonborn:
Getting Deep in Solstheim
Served Cold
Dragon Born-Again
Deathbrand & More
Dimension Walking
Defeating Miraak


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The Influential 15
The Terrible 15
Ten Reasons You Should Play The Forest
E3: Most Anticipated
7 Awesome Rogue-Likes
10 Years, 10 Questions
Sega Genesis: 25 Favorites
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