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The other day I made a post requesting feedback on what class people thought I should play in Guild Wars 2. I made the post because I was prepping myself mentally for a new start in a new MMO, and it’s a game I really knew nothing about. Two things I learned from that post, or the comments rather:

1. No one that commented really knows my playstyle preference in MMOs, or games in general.
2. There are quite a few passionate GW2 players that had a lot of interesting viewpoints on the game.

My recent commentary about MMOs for the past year or so doesn’t really paint a picture of my gaming personality, so point 1 is forgiven. And I love passionate people when it comes to games, so I loved seeing the back and forth banter, enough so that I let it happen without really commenting further.

So what’s the point of this? Well, my Dad ended up reading my post (and voted for Guardian, really?) and before I even told him that I was planning to buy the game next week, he tells me he sprung for it. So yeah, I’ve had the game for a couple of days. No, that’s not the reason I’m almost late with this post (really cutting it close though). I actually had a rather busy day that included a bunch of running around, and I’ve just sat down at the computer now.

There was no clear winner in the poll from the other day. Guardian, Thief, Elementalist and Necromancer all received 3 votes. I had no interest in the Guardian whatsoever, and my initial interest was in Thief, Necro, Mesmer, and Engineer. I have since rolled one of each of those (all different races) along with a Warrior for shits n’ giggles.

A Charr Thief was my first choice. I absolutely love this class, and I believe it’s going to be my main. I’m dual wielding at the moment, but toying with the idea of going dagger/pistol. Any thoughts on that?

I also am seriously confused by the whole megaserver thing. I read a post on the official site about it, and that didn’t really help my understanding at all either. It seems like it works like other cross-server functions work in other MMOs, in that you can get grouped up with other people on the same map that are from different servers. It appears that having them on your friends list or in your party increases the likelihood that they will be on the same map as you. But you’re still prompted with a server list on log in. So wtf am I missing? Can someone clear this up?

Anyway, I apparently didn’t take screenshots of all of the characters made, but here’s some shots of what I did:

Izlain, the Charr Thief
Sylvani Mesmer
Norn Warrior

Despite everyone warning me that I shouldn’t expect the usual with this game, it’s still similar enough, or at least I’ve played enough MMOs that it all feels just about right. Most of my expectations were met with the classes, and I enjoy the combat thus far. The storylines are very involving and I really like that, because story is usually so lacking in most AAA MMOs. Here’s hoping that the PvP is fun. More on this as it develops. Feedback will be appreciated!

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6 thoughts on “RE: Guild Wars 2

  1. Get a weapon of every kind you can use and play with them all. Leveling is the best time to experiment and learn the nuances of all your weapon combinations. The best players of each class know when to swap them around for different purposes.

    Dagger/pistol was a very popular combination for WvW thieves last I looked, but I freely admit to being around six months out of date with WvW. Blinding field or pistol 5 is very often used to lay a pulsing blind down, good for survival in PvE where mobs are too stupid to walk out of it, and for comboing with dagger 2 leap for stealth – leap 2 or 3 times across it to stack stealth.

    This can be done on demand, which makes it handier for thief scouts moving across WvW where a nearby handy mob or player to cloak and dagger (dagger 5) may not be available. In PvP where you’re generally near -somebody-, I see d/d used also.

    Sword/pistol was also used in PvE and PvP last I looked. It’s got a nasty immobilize/high damage skill that I’m usually on the receiving end of – highly annoying and often fatal, I assure you – and that can be spammed to a certain extent in PvE, I think.

    Pistol/dagger is a condition based build, iirc, and used in WvW and PvP also, meant for kiting and stacking bleeds.

    Shortbow is handy for travel tricks and some AoE. Some thieves will have it on weapon swap. I’ve sort of spectated some pretty good thieves in PvP use it as part of a rotation, making use of the bouncing projectiles between themselves and an enemy to do damage, but I personally couldn’t replicate that if my life depended on it, not mentally a very good thief.

    Pistol/pistol seems like the red headed step child most of the time, but have seen it used for a ranged option in very casual PvE.

    The megaserver works invisibly when you’re running around in PvE. It will guarantee that you see other players in your travels, so that the game still feels populated and recreates a similar experience near that of launch.

    Friends can join you in whatever map instance you’re in (type /ip to find out its address) by grouping with you, right clicking on your portrait and selecting “Join in X map.”

    The server list is most relevant for WvW, as servers are only meaningful there now. The server you chose at the start will be the world you fight for. The different tier levels ( will affect the number of players and tactics you see when you enter WvW.

    It’s probably best to decide on a server for this now, before you get too high up in levels, as you can only transfer for free when all your characters are deleted. Either that or you pay a server transfer fee in gems aka RL money or lots of gold grinding.

    You can ‘guest’ to two other servers daily, as a carry over from before the megaservers. You will still be unable to enter WvW for those servers, but you may or may not wind up in a different PvE map instance, depending on how crowded that map instance is and how many were created.


    • I also forgot to mention that we’re expecting a feature patch in September and that there will likely be class balance tweaks across the board.

      Play with blinding field now, chances are good it’s getting adjusted soon(TM).


    • Yeah I figured I would eventually try out all of the weapon skills, I like the fact that it’s different in that you have to use those particular sets to get different abilities. It opens up different play styles, and having the ability to weapon swap on the fly can lead to some serious combos. I like the mobility of the Thief class, and the popping in and out of stealth adds a layer of depth that usually is lacking with stealth-based classes. Having to perfectly time it, rather than just running around in stealth until you cancel is a cool idea.

      Thanks for clearing up the megaserver thing. Having a server list confused the shit out of me. I figured I’d be presented with a couple regions and that would be it, but it makes sense now. Now I just need to round up everyone’s information so we can get some grouping going!


  2. Perhaps a tad late, but server choice can be kinda important.

    The megaservers apply to PvE areas, cities, and sPvP. You’ll be put on the same server as friends and guildies automatically nearly every time – and can swap to buddies whenever you’d like if they do happen to be in a different megaserver instance. But server selection also plays a part in that you’re (slightly) more likely to be on the same megaserver instance as other people of your home server.

    Now here’s where server selection REALLY matters: WvW and Guilds.

    In WvW you can only play for your home server, no other. Aside from guesting, which is limited as Jeromai explained.

    Guilds are a pretty big part of Guild Wars 2 (gee xD). By playing through events / dungeons / sPvP together with guildmates you gain guild influence. This currency can be used by officers and leaders to upgrade the guild with cool new stuff: extra storage, WvW claimed location boosts, guild boost banners, guild armor, spawning world bosses, GUILD QUESTS, etc.

    There’s a rather big problem with this guild influence mechanic, because guilds are not part of the megaserver system (yet / still). If you’re on a different ‘home server’ than the rest of the guild then you won’t be able to benefit from their upgrades nor will your activity count for their influence gain. Instead you’ll gain influence for a ‘local copy’ of that guild on your home server and will have to acquire those upgrades, from scratch, all by yourself for that local copy of the guild. I believe you don’t even get access to the same guild bank, but I’m not entirely certain about that bit.

    So when / if you decide to join a guild, always make sure that it’s based on your home server. Unless you’re just going to use it as a friendly chat group. In Guild Wars 2 you can join multiple guilds at the same time, but you can only chat with / gain influence for one guild at a time.

    I hope that makes sense, it’s a bit of a convoluted system.


  3. […] Me vs. Myself and I — re: Guild Wars 2. “The other day I made a post requesting feedback on what class people thought I should play in Guild Wars 2. I made the post because I was prepping myself mentally for a new start in a new MMO, and it’s a game I really knew nothing about. Two things I learned from that post, or the comments rather: 1. No one that commented really knows my playstyle preference in MMOs, or games in general. 2. There are quite a few passionate GW2 players that had a lot of interesting viewpoints on the game.” […]


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