The Murder Mystery Unfolds

This is part of my playthrough of Shadowrun Returns. The entire series can be found on the Ongoing Series page.

When we left off, I was heading to the back of the Seamstresses Union building to find the proprietor, Mrs. Kubota.


Mrs. Kubota doesn’t know anything about Coyote. She says that the girl hadn’t shown up for multiple shifts already, but mentions that she is a strong girl, and knows how to take care of herself. She let’s me go upstairs to investigate Coyote’s room.


Among her belongings, I find Coyote’s diary. There’s many mentions of what I’m assuming is her boyfriend, Paco. I also find a receipt for Zebra meat from the Pike Place Market, and mention of her having lived at The Royale apartments. The Universal Brotherhood, which seems to be some sort of religious cult is also noted. Clues that I should probably follow. When arriving in the district, I’m approached by Paco, from Coyote’s journal. He insists he come along with me, knowing that he hadn’t heard from her in some time, and knowing that she probably got into trouble at The Royale. Heading that way, I stumble upon another crime scene, another Ripper murder.


Dresden is there and notes that another different body part trophy has been taken from this corpse. After some discussion with him and Officer Aguirre, I head to The Royale. Outside, some dude attempts to mug me, but I made short work of him. Everybody wants a piece of this.


The Royale is a vision of poverty and drug addiction. Inside, I’m bothered by anyone I run into asking for money to buy more BTL (Better-than-life) chips (this world’s version of overpriced drugs). It is noted that the slum lord, Stevie J, lives upstairs on the penthouse floor. Paco can’t wait to get his hands on him. Unfortunately we don’t want to be bothered by his goons, so finding the best way to the upper levels is in order. Thankfully, my drones are useful little buggers, so I popped one through a hole in the wall and it opened the door for me. A nice little trick I’ll have to remember for later!


Once upstairs in the Penthouse suite, there were goons to deal with first, but eventually we got to the torture chamber, where Coyote was being held. Being the nice guy I am, I busted her out.


Coyote didn’t look so great, but she’s a tough girl. She joined our little group, as we headed back out. She explained that she was here doing a run, she was supposed to be stealing a load of jewels from Stevie J. She still wanted to find his stash, but I was more concerned with getting her out of there. She was still my best lead in Sam’s case. On our way out, of course, Stevie J had to make his presence known, and he brought more goons to the slaughter.


We made short work of him. Afterwards Paco and Coyote took off, and I quickly found Stevie J’s stash of jewels. Heading back to the Seamstresses Union, I made contact again with Mrs. Kubota. She sent me down to her secret basement runner lair. That’s where Coyote was getting her wounds tended to. Besides the doctor, all manner of black market merchants had gear for me to partake in.


Pretty soon I looked less like a tourist, and more like a solider. Or an Ork at a rave. I’m not sure which actually.


After Coyote is patched up she mentions the jewels, and says that a guy upstairs will be happy to pay for them. After that conversation, Aguirre calls and says there’s been another murder down at the NTSB warehouse. I quickly head upstairs and find Van Grass, who pays me a tidy sum for the stolen jewels. Stevie J won’t need them anyway. Afterwards I caught a cab to the scene of yet another Ripper murder.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come in the next installment.