The Crooked Mile

I dusted off my Playstation this week because the third episode of the TellTale Games’ series, The Wolf Among Us released yesterday. I somehow lost track of the days and didn’t exactly realize this fact until today, but the good news is that I’ve already completed the episode, and as usual I’ll be continuing my version of the story. Yes, potential spoilers are ahead. We’ll start with the results:

WP_20140409_002 WP_20140409_003 WP_20140409_004

You’ll have to forgive the formatting on these photos, I have no way to take screenshots on that platform, and the way everything fell I couldn’t condense this into less pictures. So when we left off, Bigby had just found out that Crane was somehow involved in Lily’s death, who had been glamoured to look like Snow White. A short cutscene also revealed that Crane was watching this discovery via the Magic Mirror, and smashed it.

As the episode opens, Bigby is heated and frantically needs to know that Snow is ok. Beauty and Beast try to ask questions and ponder what is going on, but Bigby brushes them off. He finds Snow at a Eulogy for Lily, along with Gren, Holly, and a few others. Here was my first decision to make, whether I would interrupt Snow while she was giving the Eulogy, or wait for her to finish. I ended up waiting, as did most players. When Snow finishes, she approached Bigby and he explains to here what he found out about Crane. She is a little skeptical until Bigby shows her the photo of her (the glamoured Lily) and Crane doing something a little illicit. Holly notices Bigby’s presence and starts a commotion, and Snow interjects. Around this time, the Tweedle brothers show up, one sticking a shotgun in Bigby’s back. Holly and Gren get pissed off, and shed their glamours revealing their rather hideous selves, and a fight breaks out. Before long Gren, Holly and Bigby are all shot and the Tweedles escape.

Cut to the business office. The doctor is just finishing patching Bigby up, along with giving him the mandatory doctor’s recommendations of rest. Bufkin is attempting to put the Magic Mirror back together so that Crane can be located. Snow is pondering Crane’s motives and says that the two of them should look around for clues while waiting for Bufkin. The major clue here is a book of magical items that are supposed to be stored in the building, lest they be assigned to a Fable for caretaking. A page is missing, and all that can be gathered is that it has something to do with a ring. Bufkin then mentions a small problem — a shard of the glass from the mirror is missing… Crane must have taken it. Bluebeard appears, and he is very uppity. He insists on going to Crane’s apartment upstairs, but Bigby and Snow just try to give him as little information as possible and keep him from messing things up. At this point you are given the choice on where to investigate next. Should Bigby go to the Tweedles’ office? Crane’s apartment? Holly’s bar to look through Lily’s things? Snow made the argument that Lily had used the glamour, so her possessions should lead them to the witch creating them. The logic was sound, and this was the choice I went for. Evidently there was a portion of players that went to each starting point, but the majority made the same choice as I did.

At the Trip Trap bar, Bigby runs into Gren and the Woodsman. The Woodsman seems sheepish, and Gren just wants to drink. In the back room, Holly is sleeping. After some investigating you find the box with Lily’s belongings, and Holly wakes up. It seems that you make peace with her, but all you find is an address book in which lily had written that she had an appointment with a Witch on a particular day. Unfortunately all of the names in the book were only initials, and you don’t know the witch’s name. Time to check another location.

Bigby heads to Crane’s apartment to find Bufkin alone in it. Bluebeard is gone, but Bufkin tells Bigby that he had been there and he had burned some of Crane’s belongings. There is nothing of use here. On to the Tweedles’ office. In the lobby of the building, Bigby runs into Flycatcher, a janitor that used to work for Crane. Apparently Crane had let him go recently and he started working for the Tweedles. He let’s Bigby into their office and the investigation begins. A few clues show up, but nothing substantial until Bigby convinces Flycatcher that the Tweedles are assholes, and he shows him a secret door. Downstairs in this little room, more clues are found until one package clears everything up. Auntie Greenleaf is the name of the witch, and those initials are present in Lily’s address book. During conversation, Flycatcher mentions wanting his old job back, and like most people, I chose to let him come back. Crane is a jerk, after all. Calling Snow, Bigby heads to meet her at the address provided.

Once at apartment 23, knocking on the door sees a little girl answer. She says her name is Rachel, and when asked, reveals that “AG” is her mother. She says that no one is home and she’s the only one who has been home the entire evening. Bigby insists on looking around, and there really isn’t any evidence of the Witch or of Crane. He does mention to snow that he keeps smelling Crane’s after shave and she concurs. Right as they are about to leave, Bigby discovers a glamour tube on a desk, and upon opening it, “Rachel” turns out to be Auntie Greenleaf herself. She bitches and moans, and says that she won’t tell them anything, until Snow threatens to burn AG’s tree (the tree is magical and is what she uses to make the glamours). She talks at this point, and I decided to let her keep her little tree. I sided with the majority here as well. Armed with new information, they now know that Crane was headed to the Pudding and Pie, where he intended to use AG’s magic ring to question the girls who work there. Apparently the ring no longer works, but Crane doesn’t know that.

At the Pudding and Pie, Georgie Porgie makes a brief appearance, and gets batted aside. Breaking into the room where Crane’s shouts could be heard, Bigby finds that bastard after all this time. Crane’s demeanor changes completely, and he cowers in the presence of the the Big Bad Wolf. After some argument, Snow decides that she doesn’t think Crane murdered anyone, but Bigby still places him under arrest for embezzlement and misappropriation of funds. They head outside, but are forced to flee down an alley from a strange car. Once at the other end, the Tweedles and a new nemesis show up. The new fable is called Bloody Mary, but she really wasn’t all that bloody. The Tweedles proceed to try to take Crane by force, and Bigby gets shot some more. The most epic fight scene yet breaks out, and Bigby transforms fully into wolf form. Running through shot gun blasts, he grabs one of the Tweedles and smashes him against the wall a few times before getting shot again. This time he grabs Tweedledum, and I chose to tear his throat out. Those little bastards have been a thorn in my side for too long, and someone needed to pay. I am the same Big Bad Wolf that tore off Grendel’s arm after all. More than half of the players of this episode chose to spare his life, but I’m ok with being in the minority here.

Unfortunately Bloody Mary was prepared with silver bullets, and that puts Bigby down. She speaks with Snow who is protesting to let Bigby go, and in the process she then breaks his arm (it’s pretty gnarly too). Snow finally concedes and gives custody of Crane over to Mary, but only after a mysterious figure (the Crooked Man) gives the signal that it’s ok to spare Bigby’s life. Crane and Mary get into the vehicle with the Crooked Man and they depart.

What will happen next? We’ll have to wait a while to find out. Tune in next time for episode 4!