The Comeback

I watched the first half of last Sunday’s game. The Packers were losing in horrific fashion, and I thought a repeat of the Detroit Thanksgiving game was going down. I had to go to work at halftime, when the score was 26-3, and didn’t get to watch the rest of the game. Thanks to my trusty Packers app, I was able to keep up with the play-by-plays though, and my imagination didn’t do justice to what really happened. Because I love these damn infographics, here’s the taglines from one of the greatest comebacks in Packers history:


It was a great thing, and probably one of the best games to attend in person. Then, yesterday on Monday Night Football, the Detroit Lions buckled to the defending Super Bowl Champion Ravens, who kicked 6 field goals for a 18-16 victory. That dropped the Lions from first place in the division to third,  leaving the Packers only 1/2 game behind the Bears. This means the week 17 matchup will decide who takes the division crown, as the Packers square off against Chicago at Solider Field in the final regular season game. But first, we have to beat Pittsburgh, who is probably still pissed off that the Packers ruined their Super Bowl a few years ago. Two more wins, we’re in. Here’s hoping that Rodgers is cleared to play next Sunday. Just win, Baby.