Week 5 Preview

During week 4, the Packers had a much needed bye week. With injuries mounting, it was a good time to have the bye, despite it being so early in the season. I’m hoping the team’s durability can handle the long stretch. With that said, we’re going into another home game, against one of our division rivals, the Detroit Lions. I have faith in the Packers, and believe that we will get our season going in the right direction. A win will put us at 2-2, but a loss would leave us at 1-3, and that’s not going to do with the Lions and the Bears already tied for first place. I’m not really worried about the Vikings this season, but they can still affect our standings. Having Matthews, Lacy and Finley back should make a world of difference. And now, for some stats:



One stat that isn’t on this image, is the fact that the Packers have a 22 game winning streak when facing the Lions at home. That’s reassuring. Let’s make Sunday’s win number 23.