Foiled Again


I was so not expecting another ADC/Marksman right after having one released last time. I was wrong, but damn this one looks more intriguing than the last. Lucian is basically another Vayne with a different ult. I realize that’s dumbing things down quite a bit, but in all reality their kits are very similar. This time around we’re treated to a champion that sounds much like Jayce, although in a full on carry package rather than a bruiser one. The bit that confuses me is whether or not she has multiple abilities on each button… the way the skills read, she can swap weapons with Q, but then each of her other abilities are unaffected by which weapon she is using? I guess we should take this at face value and assume that’s the way it is, although I would think that each would carry separate abilities, like Jayce’s hammer and cannon. Perhaps there will be changes to this, perhaps not. Anyway, here are the abilities that were officially announced:

Passive: Get Excited!

Jinx gains a massive movement speed boost whenever a champion or tower that she’s recently attacked is killed or destroyed. This boost decays over time.

Q: Switcheroo!

Jinx swaps weapons:

  • Fishbones, the rocket launcher: Jinx’s basic attacks consume mana but gain increased range and deal increased damage to her target and nearby enemies.
  • Pow-Pow, the minigun: Jinx’s basic attacks grant attack speed for a short duration, stacking up to three times. Stacks fall off one at a time once Jinx stops attacking.

W: Zap!

Jinx snaps off an electrical blast that deals damage to and slows the first enemy hit.

E: Flame Chompers!

Jinx throws out a line of snare grenades that detonate after a few seconds, lighting nearby enemies on fire. Enemy champions who walk over a grenade will cause it to detonate early, rooting them briefly.

R: Super Mega Death Rocket!

Jinx fires a global rocket that gains damage as it travels. The rocket explodes on the first enemy champion hit, dealing damage to the target and all nearby enemies based on a percentage of their missing health.

Sounds like a pretty decent kit, and the ultimate is much like Ezreal’s being global. I love global ults, recently having played some games with success as a solo top Shen. I look forward to trying this champ as I am most proficient with ADCs, and she sounds like a blast to play. I don’t really have anymore commentary until more information is present or I get to try her out. But here’s some in-game art to check out while we wait for that:


2 thoughts on “Foiled Again

  1. I love the back story with Jinx. I like the job Riot is doing by adding more texture(regarding background stories) to their champions so that they all some how have something to do with each other. I found it actually very refreshing that this champ wasn’t as dark as the recent ones.
    I love Jinx’s character design, and I’ll have to agree with you. She does remind me of Harley Quinn, but dude she’s pretty cool. C: Not to mention, JInx is one of the few female champions that doesn’t have huge breasts.
    I too, wasn’t expecting another adc, but what can we do about it? Haha, I can’t wait to try out Jinx! Her passive makes me laugh.


    • 1. I agree, the lore seems more fleshed out as they build up the interactions with multiple champions.
      2. I wouldn’t say this champ isn’t “dark” and then agree with the Harley Quinn resemblance, as HQ is a fucking psychopath. The Batman universe is quite dark, just in a batshit crazy sort of way.
      3. <— Because Boobs.
      4. I agree she sounds like a blast, and I love ADCs, just wasn't expecting it.


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