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Rengar is one of the next champions that Riot is taking a look at for a rework. Rengar is also one of the champions that I instantly knew I would love, and as such I ended up buying him with RP the day he released. At the time, I was really focusing on becoming a better jungler, and he provided a kit that sounded like a perfect jungler fit. However, I ended up not being able to play him for shit. From the forums where the rework is being discussed (and from seeing many other successful Rengars) it seems that no one believes that a rework is necessary, unless you’re playing in higher tiers where he can be considered more OP, but only because of player skill. I never practiced with him as much as I should have, because I sucked so badly right out of the gate. With this rework (like many reworks before it), I see where the potential changes could affect my gameplay in a positive light. We will have to see where the changes end up when the rework is actually released. On to the meat and potatoes:

Here are the changes (Without numbers, as they are subject to change/tuning as always) that we’ve been testing so far:

– Health Regen, Health Regen/lvl, and Health/lvl all increased

Unseen Predator
-Now becomes visible at the beginning of the leap, rather than midleap

– Attack Speed removed (Temporary for now – planning on putting something else here)

Ferocity Bonus: Savagery
– Damage lowered, Attack Speed lowered, Attack Speed Duration increased

Battle Roar
– Damage increased
– Cooldown decreased
– No longer grants Armor/MR – instead grants damage reduction from Physical Damage/Basic Attacks

Ferocity Bonus: Battle Roar
– Heal unchanged
– Now deals damage based on Rengar’s level

Bola Strike
– Damage increased
– Bonus AD Ratio increased

Ferocity Bonus: Bola Strike
– Now deals damage based on Rengar’s level
– Root duration increased

Thrill of the Hunt
– Cooldown decreased
– Duration increased
– Movement speed increased
– Enemies will now receive a particle over their head when Rengar can see them; Additionally, Enemies will hear Voice Over on activation if they are in Rengar’s sight range when he casts Thrill of the Hunt.

In other league news, as of yesterday “Spirit Guard Udyr” released:


Udyr is a cool champion in concept, though I rarely play him. Like Pulsefire Ezreal and other legendary skins, the improved graphics, and “evolving” element of the skin are great. I also really like the fact that Riot is lumping in Summoner Icons and Banners with some of the skins, but it seems that they just keep picking champions that I don’t want to spend the money on. They also recently released a pack of icons for purchase, but for professional teams that I am not a member of, so what’s the point? I think that there should be some sort of section in the store for new icons/banners that anyone can purchase, that aren’t tied directly to a champion or a pro-team. I’d like new options that I don’t necessarily have to earn by being awesome at ranked games, or having spent a load of money on. Icons could run 100 RP or 4-500 IP, and banners could be priced similarly. I like that they are expanding options for the store, along with personalization, as this gives players something that sets them apart from everyone else. But they need to not limit themselves, and expand our options further in my opinion. Thoughts?

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    I picked up Rengar not too long ago in attempt to add to my growing roster of Solo Tops/Junglers. I’m fond of both Rengar and Kha’zix but I’ve always felt Kha was too squishy for my tastes, and now they’re thinking about making Rengar tankier. I’m sort of disappointed that they’re nerfing the damage on his Q though, but it seems that Bola Strike is getting buffed to compensate considering most Rengar players will max E first before Q in the top lane and in the Jungle.


    • I’m curious to see how he plays after the fact. I’ve been happy with many of the reworks, and not so thrilled with others. I mained Twitch for a long time until they reworked him, and I hated him for a time. I’ve since rekindled the relationship, but I still play other ADCs more often. I’m rusty with my jungling skills, as I played ARAM for far too long after release, but I have been playing Aatrox solotop with some success.


      • I’m curious too. I’ve been alternating between solotop and the jungle (Rengar, Riven, Shyvana, and Hecarim). I picked up Rengar because of that mention of a rework a few months back around the time Lucian was first leaked. I’ve been waiting to see what changes ever since. I also recently purchased Aatrox, and I’ve fallen in love. He has a lesser presence in Summoner’s rift, to me, but in TT he is such a bully. If you build a Sanguine Blade you can solo Vilemaw easily and leave the fight virtually unscathed.


      • I really want to pick up Hecarim, he seems like such a beast in the jungle. Aatrox works well solotop for me on summoner’s rift, and he’s pretty gangster on ARAMs if you’re lucky enough to get him. I never play twisted, so I can’t comment there.


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