Patch 3.7

Today League of Legends patched in a new system, along with their usual balance changes (buffs and nerfs). Here’s the official patch preview:

The most important change in this patch is what they touch upon first, in that you can now customize your item sets for each individual champion, and these item sets will display in the in-game item shop, so that if you don’t agree with Riot’s “recommended” items, you can substitute your own items in, without wasting time searching for the items you want. Anyone that’s played LoL knows how annoying it can be when you want to play AD Yi or Teemo, yet the recommend items are all set up for AP. Then you scan the store til you find the items you want, and the rest of your team is already in position, a team fight breaks out and you are late to the party. This usually results in your death as well.

This is an idea that already existed in a mod, called Enigma’s Recommended Item Changer. I used the mod before, and it is a little more difficult to set up, but has the same results. I still like the fact that Riot went ahead and made this official, because now it’s even easier to do, and you can take the time to set everything up in-game so that all of your favorite champions are good to go.

Beyond this major change, there were a few tweaks made to dominant champions, item changes, and other good stuff. You can read the full patch notes here. I still think Master Yi needs a nerf… he is so over powered in ARAM.

Stay tuned, I have another ARAM post in the works.

2 thoughts on “Patch 3.7

  1. haha I agree. Everytime I see a Yi going AP, cause what else will he go as, in ARAM I try to brace myself for a long and annoying game. I used to see him used all the time during the first weeks of ARAM but now it’s not too bad.


  2. You know I used to think Yi was supposed to be an AD carry, but after using him with an AP build, it’s quite obvious that it’s how he’s meant to be played. I just get irritated with his poke range on his Q. Even Rengar’s passive can be broken to a degree on ARAM, as I have flashed or used Tristana’s rocket jump and had apparently used it at the same time as they did, and had them leap/jump even farther than they should.


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