Under a Rock

I had a busy couple of days, so I was away from the computer.

I did some rounds this evening, and it turns out that 38 studios, the creators of the Amalur world, and the MMO that was to come, shut down. Even thought it’s old news now, it still sucks, as that was one of the two MMOs I was talking about in my last post that just might be able to bring me back to the genre. I guess that the Elder Scrolls Online is the only MMO on the horizon I’m looking forward to now, and I still haven’t seen or heard enough about it to be convinced. I’m actually more impatiently waiting for some DLC for Skyrim, as that I already know is an awesome game.

So sad news.  Hopefully the employees of that company are absorbed elsewhere and will continue to work on quality games. I have plenty of hours worth of single player experiences on my plate, so hopefully when that next innovative MMO comes out, I’ll be ready for it.