Constant Improvement

Another example of why League of Legends is a great game and always undergoing changes that improve it: Even the Tribunal has received a face-lift.

It’s been one year since the release of the Tribunal, our system developed to empower members of the League of Legends community to determine what conduct they consider appropriate to a positive gameplay environment. Alongside the Summoner’s Code and our LeaverBuster system, the Tribunal has played a key role in our ongoing commitment to keep the League of Legends community constructive and enjoyable.

The Tribunal is a system that I’ve described before, that allows summoners at max level to vote on cases of player abuse, and either elect to punish or pardon the individuals in question. I didn’t realize it had been out quite so long, but it is a great system for allow us to help weed out the bad eggs. It’s also a great way to make some extra influence points (IP). Each day you can vote on 15 cases which will net you about the same amount of IP as playing a single normal/ranked game (minus the first win of the day bonus). If you do this daily, you can make plenty of extra IP, and voting on cases only takes about the same amount of time as a regular game, if that. To celebrate 1 year of activity, Riot decided to make some changes to the system.

With one full year of Tribunal in the books, we want to take a look back on the past year and share a few stats detailing the impact of your service to the League of Legends community:

More than 47 million votes have been cast in the Tribunal
51% of Tribunal cases result in a guilty verdict, with only 5.7% earning a permanent ban
50% of players warned by the Tribunal just once never end up there again
Over 700 individual cases were personally reviewed by Lyte and me
To help keep up the momentum, we’ve launched some new improvements to the Tribunal. These new features are aimed at helping summoners like you deliver verdicts even more quickly and accurately:

We’ve updated the color palate to ensure that chat and report explanations are red-green colorblind friendly.
The game mode and queue type (Ranked or Normal) are now displayed
The defendant’s summoner spells and total gold are now visible
Information on the defendant’s teammates, including their champions, levels, items, summoner spells, gold, minion kills and kill-death-assist ratio is now included
Chat filtering options have been added to the chat log

I had the opportunity to do some voting today, and though the interface looks the same, they have added much more pertinent information. It’s important to be able to view this information to make good decisions regarding cases, and I believe these improvements will help players like myself make better judgements. If you are playing LoL and are summoner level 30, get over to the tribunal and help out! It’s worth your time and makes the game better for us all.