Two MMOs that might bring me back…

There are two MMOs on the horizon that have the potential to suck me back into that world. I have been done with MMOs for quite some time, and didn’t think any would pique my interest again. The same old game over and over isn’t appealing, which is part of the reason I’m not playing Diablo 3 right now, and Call of Duty games lost their luster. But the simple fact that these games are based on worlds that I love, and promise some game changing elements has me intrigued. Innovation has been lost for some time in most gaming markets. There are few games that have kept my interest by being just different enough, but for the most part the creative pool has become fairly shallow. The two MMOs I’ll be keeping my eye on, are Project Copernicus (the Age of Reckoning MMO) and the Elder Scrolls Online.

Both of these games are based on single player games, so the lore is already established (WoW anyone?). Both are pretty open ended RPG experiences, allowing for good customization, and have pretty awesome story lines and tons of side quests. I had loads of fun playing through Skyrim, and I haven’t completed Reckoning yet, but I have enjoyed what I played. Both of these worlds have so much to offer, and if done right, I don’t think there will be issues with making them great MMOs.

However, these companies need to avoid being copy-cats. They also need to try to find that next step in the evolution of gaming that will hook us just like the first MMOs did years ago. Diablo 2 was so addictive because it was simply the best action RPG on the market, despite all the copies. Everquest and games like it up to and including World of Warcraft were innovative, and sucked us into something we hadn’t experienced before. MMOs that released after 2004 really weren’t any fun. If this next generation of MMOs can find the magic formula again, players like myself would glady go back to the genre. Until then, more creative single player games and MOBAs are on the forefront of my gaming menu. I’ll be keeping my eye on these two games and reporting more as I hear it.