Enough time has elapsed where I feel like I have a new direction to go with my blog, which has been too long-standing for me to allow it to slip into nothingness. I recently passed the 7 year mark, and I would kick myself later if I let it all go. Technically speaking, I have been blogging for 15 years, but I only have an archive for 7, so we’ll leave it at that. Regular readers will notice that I changed the layout (not only to reflect on my change in mood, but I figured it was good to start fresh again). If you are new to this site, let me give a brief description of what to expect in the future, and also what to expect if you happen to browse through some of the archives.

This blog started out as a personal one. I have always had a casual tone, and I tend to delve into my personal life from time to time, though don’t worry, I don’t go into excruciating detail. Posts in the 2005-07 range tend to deal with a bunch of stuff most people don’t want to read, but those posts serve as memory lane for me. In 2007 I came here to WordPress, and started focusing my writing on MMOs that I was playing. That trend continued throughout the years, although when I took breaks I spoke of other things. Mainly, this blog has always been in an “everything/nothing” style, and whatever has tickled my fancy tends to take up most of the space. Recently I took a break from the blog altogether, because I didn’t really have much to say, and I also felt like the lack of an MMO to talk about limited my content.

I still intend to share things about my personal life, and I will comment on football, movies, music and other things besides gaming. The focus this time around though, will be on more single player and multiplayer games that aren’t MMOs. If you read Massively, you will probably have heard of their sub-section called “not so massively”, which covers the world of MOBAs. I thought the phrase was catchy, and sort of goes along with my blog title, so there you have it. I’m not focusing solely on MOBAs, but I do have some tips and tricks (and possibly guides) to write up, and I have commentary about some PS3 games that I have been playing as well. Some of the info might be a little dated, mainly because I don’t typically play games the day they come out, but I will try to stay as relevant as possible. In coming days I have some posts planned, so here’s the intro, and I’ll be back soon.