Calling it Done, For Now.

I really haven’t had much to say, or the drive to say it. I don’t feel as if I am really contributing to the web as I once did. I used to post about things that many people read. There were still my day to day “journal” entries, but amongst them I managed to get numerous hits when writing about MMOs or other assorted topics. I don’t play MMOs anymore. I mainly have a normal boring life, and most times I don’t feel like it’s really worth writing about. So for now, I’m going to let this page go dormant. When I re-evaluate things and maybe find a better niche or something I’m more passionate about, I’ll be back. I miss writing on a regular basis, but without the drive and passion to do so, posts become lifeless and bland. I don’t want to let the years of history here go to waste, so I will be back, I’m just not sure when exactly. Until that day comes, I bid you adieu.

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