Once a Year (Not Bad)

I have gone this entire year without getting sick, and I was beginning to think that I would make it through the end of the year disease free. My body had other plans for me though, and I found myself feeling a bit under the weather on Friday night. My throat started hurting, and by Saturday morning it was really bad, and I felt a bit uncomfortable all over. So I took a trip to Urgent Care and found out that I have strep throat. I haven’t had this since I was a child, and memory says that it’s not as bad as I remember it being back then. Still, it was uncomfortable, and I have been on antibiotics since Saturday. Today I feel pretty good, but upon inspection my tonsils look like strawberries, and that’s not a pretty sight. I have been down the last couple days as a result, so about all I have done is watch movies and football and play some video games. I figured it was about time to do a post since I have nothing better to do.

My birthday was a week ago, and I now have less than a year left of my twenties. Time to grow up I suppose, but part of me yearns to stay young forever. I came up on some new clothes and other assorted goodies for my special day, and also managed to get a hold of a League of Legends card, so I had some Riot Points to spend. I ended up using the majority of those points on a new champion (not new to the game, but new under my ownership), Olaf, and used the remaining points on some XP and IP boosts. I have since used up those boosts, but they were well worth it. I am sitting at around half way to Summoner level 23 now, and I must say that experience gain is slowing down. I have nearly all of my runes up until this point, and have changed my build again, and this one seems to suit most of the champions I play. I have Armor Penetration Marks, flat Armor Seals, and flat Magic Resist Glyphs. Riot recently changed around the masteries, though I still have 21 points in Offense and 1 point in Defense so far. I am going for a 21/9/0 build for now, but once I’m at cap I can play around with builds a bit more. Olaf is an awesome champion for me, and between him and Twitch I have a mostly winning record. The game is still a lot of fun though I haven’t been playing as regularly as I would like.

Aside from LoL I ended up trying some different games for the first time in a long time. Dungeon Defenders was released a while ago, and though I knew I would enjoy it and wanted to play, my PS3 has been out of commission for a long time, and I wasn’t sure if this game would run on my laptop. I ended up visiting my sister last week, and they had it for their PS3. We played for a few hours and I really enjoyed the game, as I knew I would. Wanting to get another taste, I ended up downloading the demo from Steam and tried it out on my laptop. To my delight, it actually runs quite well on my laptop, although I did turn the graphic settings down and wasn’t on the Insane difficulty, so I’m not sure how frame rates would be under those circumstances. Still, I think I wouldn’t mind grabbing the game off steam, although I could get the game for free if I was to get another PS3 or get  mine repaired. I’m not sure which route I will take. Guess that depends on when I get my grant money and what other obligations I have to take care of at the time.

I had signed up for the Drankensang Online beta during the summer, and I was accepted, but never got to try the game out for whatever reason. I decided to try it out a few days ago, and it’s actually not bad. For running in your browser, the game has pretty decent graphics, although they get a little fuzzy when I went full screen. The game plays just like Diablo, although the graphics are slightly better than Diablo II’s. Most of the typical systems are in place, and the game looks to be pretty interesting. I didn’t play for more than 20 minutes, and only got to the first little town, but I will check it out more and potentially write more about it. My only major complaint is that having only two class choices is pretty boring. I see the need for more classes, especially if I am supposed to play this with other people.

Since I have been laid out for the past couple days, I watched a bunch of movies as I had mentioned:

Bunraku was a blend of Sin City (visually) and Kill Bill (Martial Arts/story). I enjoyed it from start to finish, even if some parts didn’t initially make sense. It has an awesome visual style, the fighting was awesome, and the story was intriguing. 9/10
Horrible Bosses was pretty funny. The story was a bit hair-brained, but if you enjoy comedies this is right up your alley. 7/10
Limitless was awesome. The idea of a drug that opens up your brain’s full potential is too cool, and the story line flowed very well. I want to try it! 9/10
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2 was the epic conclusion of the HP series, and this one was definitely more epic than any of the others. I have enjoyed the entire storyline, but I never read the books so that could be why. Now I just need to watch them all in order. 9/10
13 was a movie I watched, only because I typically like movies that Jason Statham is in. This one was ok, and I really can’t say much without giving things away. 6/10
Paranormal Activity 3 is the newest in the series, and though I still enjoyed it, and the “weird” stuff started happening sooner than in the first two, I ended up with a shitty copy so I feel like I missed some of it. I will have to watch this one again. 8/10

Finally, in Football news, the Packers are still riding on a high horse as the only undefeated team this season. 10-0 after yesterday’s ugly win over the Buccaneers, we still have yet to come very close to losing a game. The remainder of our schedule isn’t too difficult, and the possibility of having a perfect 16-0 season is becoming believable. I won’t be disappointed if we don’t have a perfect record though, I would just like to see them in the Super Bowl again, and win. The 49ers are our only real competition in the NFC for now, having only lost one game, and it’s beginning to look like they will be in the NFC Championship game with us, but I’m almost willing to bet that the road to the Super Bowl goes through Green Bay this year.

That’s about all that’s new with me. Until next time.

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