My Take on Dominion

It’s old news now, but I thought I would throw out my two cents on League of Legends’ new game mode, Dominion. I don’t have much experience with it, but I know the mechanics well enough and have won a couple of battles. When the mode first released, the rotation of free champions along with what I owned at the time weren’t really conducive with Dominion, and as a result I had a poor first impression of it. Since the rotation change, my opinion has changed as well.

During release week I played in the beta, and tried out the game mode one time before the beta went offline. I chose to roll with Teemo as I usually do pretty well with him. This time around I did win the match, although I wasn’t overly impressed, as with a twitchy game you must have a pretty good idea of what you’re doing before you do it. Because of my lack of experience, I know it was my team that pulled out the “W” for me, as I died quite a few times and didn’t really do much to help with capturing or holding points. My second time around I played with a couple of guys that I have met through the game. One of them is a level 30, and because of that the game sets you up in a match with players roughly the same level as the highest level player on your team. I. Got. Stomped. I gave up on Dominion for the rest of the week, and decided to wait for the new rotation.

After the new champion rotation, I felt a little more comfortable trying it out again. Typically when there is a new champion rotation I will try out the champs that I haven’t seen/used yet versus bots so that I can see if I like them or not. If I own some bot face, then I usually figure I will do OK with that character against other players. Having done this, I decided to try out Dominion with Ms. Fortune. I lost a couple and won a couple, although I think I played a lot better and got all of the concepts down. Having the extra game mode  adds some variety to the game, and that keeps things fresh. If I do poorly and need a pick me up, I’ll play against some bots. If I’m feeling froggy, I play some 5 vs. 5, and if I don’t feel like being as hectic I’ll do 3 vs. 3. I actually sort of prefer The Twisted Treeline to Summoner’s Rift, although I bet with a full team of  5 with my buddies would be a blast. I don’t have quite enough friends in the game just yet.

Dominion is pretty fun, although I think that there is an issue with certain champions being a bit over-powered, and that leads to getting ganked pretty often, especially in two or more on one situations. If your team isn’t communicating very well, you won’t be able to capture and hold more points and will eventually lose. If you don’t stick together it is almost always certain death. One addition I like in this mode is something that I wouldn’t mind seeing in the classic version of the game, and that is the med-packs and speed boost platforms. Having power ups on the map adds in some strategy that wasn’t present in the game and I think would fit in nicely elsewhere. Basically, if you enjoy LoL you are more than likely going to enjoy Dominion. If you aren’t so big on RTS or twitch game play, then you should probably be looking elsewhere for your gaming fix.

I have reached level 16, so I am over half way to the Summoner level cap. I’m really looking forward to being at that cap so I can truly play around with Rune and Mastery builds and get a few different ones going for different classes. I also look forward to having even more champions to play because I know once I’m there that I’ll have unlocked more. It’s been a bit slow going as of late because of real life issues, but I still play almost daily, even if it is only one or two matches. Some days I’ll see that I’m close to leveling and play as much as I can to get that level. I have opened up a few new champions since my last post, including Alistar, Fiddlesticks, Nunu, Ryze, and Teemo. Of these I really enjoy Fiddlesticks, Ryze, and Teemo, or at least have had more success with them. I really enjoy the ranged classes, I seem to do better with them, but I do hate how squishy they tend to be. Melee classes usually take more hits (unless they’re a carry) but tend to hit too lightly until later in matches. I am starting to understand the Rune and Mastery builds a bit better, along with how to pick and choose better items than what is recommended during a game.

Currently I have been stacking Runes that give Attack Speed (totaling +5.3%), Ability Power (+3.9) and Critical Chance (3.8%). I have found that most of what I have read centers around either stacking Ability Power (AP) or Attack Damage (AD). I have chosen a more all-around build that gives crits for AD and raw AP. The attack speed also adds to AD. I stack items with both as well, as damage output seems to win me games over defense. My Masteries are set up around these guide lines too, giving me ability power, crit chance, penetration, attack damage and reduced cooldowns. I think that I will go more specific and have more Rune/Mastery builds once I reach the cap and have the resources available to me. For now, all 16 points are in the Offense tree.

That’s really all I have to report for now.