Groundhog Day

My life has been on infinite repeat as of late, which has a lot to do with the lack of posting on my end. If nothing’s going on then there really isn’t much reason to post anything is there? I could complain endlessly about what’s wrong in my life, but I’m going to try to focus on the good. The part that is repetitive is the looking for work with no luck, and trying to do my best at school so that maybe one day I can look back on posts like these and think “yeah my life sucked back then, but it’s great now.” So when I’m not looking for work, doing school work, or running various errands or doing favors for friends, I play some games here and there and watch movies or whatever.

I’m still playing League of Legends almost exclusively. I did sign up for the Diablo III beta, but I have a feeling that it’s not going to run so well on this laptop, as I acquired a copy of Dungeon Siege 3, and it wasn’t playable (a shame as I tried the demo on the PS3 and it seemed like a great game!). So I’m not really holding my breath, especially since I’m sure they’ve picked enough beta testers. I also opted into a beta for Path of Exile, which is a free to play game much like Diablo, and since it’s free to play, I imagine it won’t have such steep requirements. Not that I have seen really steep requirements, but this system isn’t stellar. Since these were beta opt ins, I won’t be able to play until I get an invite, so I’m still just playing League of Legends.

I have hit level 12, so I have all of the summoner spells available to me now, although I still pretty much always use teleport and heal, as I find them to be some of the most useful spells. I have arranged my runes to focus on attack speed, critical chance, and ability power. I find that the crit chance has really helped my damage output throughout matches. My masteries are all in offense right now, which is also increasing the abilities I mentioned in my rune setup, along with some other benefits. I see uses for the defense and utility trees as well, and once I’m level 30 and have plenty of points to spend, I believe I will be able to run down the entire offense tree, and throw some points in one of the other trees for good measure. There is also the ability to set up a second page of masteries (and runes) so that you can have load-outs for different types of champions. I see rune and mastery builds that would work great for the different types now, I just don’t have the points accumulated, nor the money to burn on enough runes to fill up multiple pages. I went through and did a respec of my runes not too long ago, as I hit level 10 so a new tier of runes was available, and it has just come to the point where I could start saving to buy new champs. There are a few of them within my grasp that I have tried in the last few rotations that I want to pick up. The new rotation of champions started today and I have tried a few and enjoyed a couple of the new ones. However I am more interested in purchasing ones from prior rotations at this point.

Football season is back in full swing, and my Packers faced the Saints last Thursday during the season opener. I was surprised to find out that the game was broadcast on regular cable, as Thursday night games are usually on NFL network, a channel TWC customers don’t have access to. Thankfully it was on cable, so I got to watch as we smoked the Saints. It wasn’t the sharpest game, but rarely are week one games, especially when training camps were cut short this year due to the lockout. I watched the Sunday and Monday night football games, and I would have more commentary, but I didn’t pay as much attention since my game was so early in the week. There were some upsets and this season looks to be just as unpredictable as the last. I still believe we are in a prime position to repeat, so maybe I’ll be able to look back and say I told you so.

On the girl front:  I know that I mentioned that I had broken up with Amanda. A few weeks went by and we ended up having a conversation that made it really easy to move on. At this point all ties have been severed, and I’m not upset about it.  Ted’s girlfriend Traci had a birthday a few weeks ago, and I ended up meeting her cousin, getting her number and hanging out with her. At first we talked pretty regularly, and she ended up coming over once and spending the night, and though I wanted to be a little more forward, I was a good boy. Shortly thereafter, the conversations shortened, and then came to a complete stop. Finally after a few days of no contact whatsoever, she randomly hit me up, and we talked for a while and I asked her point-blank when we were going to hang out again, and it was the final straw. See, we had made plans on more than one occasion to hang out, and she blew me off more than once. I figured at this point I was either going about things the wrong way, or she wasn’t interested in me despite having said that she was. So I decided that it was time to get a straightforward answer out of her, and I put the cards on the table. The answer was not what I expected or wanted to hear, but I’m over game playing, so I have eliminated another female from the runnings.

I was talking to a friend, and I was referred to Plenty of Fish, which is a dating site much like eHarmony or, etc. However, this is a completely free site (kind of like the F2P of the dating world, complete with a “cash shop”) so it’s possible to get matched up with people and actually communicate with them. My referer had used the site and met someone and they have been dating for quite a while so I thought it was actually worth a shot. I signed up and browsed, finding some women that I was interested in, and threw out some messages. I didn’t get a single response. One day I checked my email to find that someone had messaged me, and I was expecting it to be one of the girls that I had messaged initially. It was not, instead it was a girl that I had not seen yet who initiated conversation. We went back and forth a little bit, and then I ended up with her number and we have been talking since. I am supposed to be meeting her one day this week, and I’m just hoping that it’s the real deal. So far I think that she is pretty cool and we have quite a bit in common, so provided nothing is amiss, I may have a new lady friend.

That’s about all that’s going on for the most part. Only took almost a month to have that much to talk about. Until next time.