Commentary on the League

I have only touched on playing League of Legends, and thought that it was time that I went a little more in-depth. I’ve spent a little over a month with the game now, so I can give a fair judgement, although I can’t comment on all of the champions, as there haven’t been enough rotations for me to experience them all (plus there are a few that just don’t appeal to me). First of all, I will comment on the types of champions available.

  • Melee – These champs are up close and personal. They might have ranged abilities, but all of their standard attacks will be in melee range. There are Melee Tanks and Melee DPS, and of the two the DPS classes are more interesting to me. They do damage but can’t take as much, whereas their tank counterparts take the hits but don’t do all that much damage.
  • Ranged – Ranged champions have standard attacks and abilities that can be performed from a range, so they are even better at harassing enemy champs and minions. Ranged champs tend to be either physical DPS or Mages, but both play so similarly, aside from mages being able to take slightly less damage.
  • Carry – A Carry is a champion that doesn’t blossom until late game. Their power scales with levels and items. There are Carries in many forms, and they are best used in conjunction with non-carries so that they can level safely and help the team out in the end when it really matters.
  • Jungler – A Jungler is a champion that is adept at taking to the jungles in between the lanes, and allows two of your teams’ lanes to be soloed, so those champs get extra experience. You can also take out creeps and keep the enemy team from getting the advancement from them.
  • Support – Support champions come in all varieties, and tend to have crowd control abilities or heals. They aren’t going to take or deal out a lot of damage, but they will help their allies to get the job done.
League of Legends isn’t a game that focuses on the variety of maps or game modes. Having never played the original DOTA, I don’t know if it had the same lack of focus. However, the game gives plenty of variety in the form of champions. I have found though, that despite having the lack of variety in scenery, the variety of champs is all that you need. Every week there is a new rotation of free champions that you can use, and Riot ran a promo that if you like them on Facebook you will get a free champ, so that was the first that I owned. Each week I try as many new champs as I can, and then try to buy the ones I like. It has been a slow process but as of right now I have purchased 7 champions, but I haven’t really hit it all that hard. There are many that I haven’t even tried, and there are some that I have gotten my ass kicked by and would like to play myself. Here’s my take on the champions that I own:
  1. Annie – I have done so so with Annie. She’s a Ranged Mage class, so most of her abilities are direct damage and have some sort of fire component that does damage over time. Her ultimate allows her to animate her teddy bear and gives her a pet that does constant fire damage to surrounding enemies. She is one of the few pet classes I have seen, but again I haven’t played that many champs. Overall I like her but she can’t take damage for shit. She’s best paired with a tank or support class that can keep her safe.
  2. Ashe – I like Ashe, but she is more of a support class. She can slow and does ok damage, but she doesn’t take it well. Because she is a ranged champion, I like playing her, but she is a carry as well, so she needs solid support.
  3. Kayle – Kayle is a support champion and although she is Melee based she has an ability that adds ranged functionality, along with heals and buffs for her allies. I haven’t played her too much so I don’t have much to add.
  4. Master Yi – This guy is one that I can’t wrap my head around. He’s Melee and a Carry, but he kicks ass end-game. But all I have found is that I get my ass kicked while playing him, and get my ass kicked by him. I have seen many people do very well with him and I haven’t quite figured it out yet.
  5. Sivir – This chick is awesome. She is ranged, and puts out great damage, ricocheting her blades between enemies. I have mostly won while playing her, and find that she is almost over-powered.
  6. Tyndamere – The barbarian is a carry, and is melee DPS, but he hits hard end game and does a good job harassing. He doesn’t take damage to well to begin with, but if you focus on getting some defense up he does fairly well.
  7. Warwick – Out of the champs I own, this is the one I like best because of his versatility. He’s a jungler so that is always an option, although I don’t really do it too often. Where he shines is his ability to heal himself with a passive ability that heals per hit, and an active ability that allows him to get a bigger heal in. He also suppresses (which is like a stun) enemies with his ultimate along with doing a fair bit of damage. I have the most kills with this character, but I have had off games, as he can be squishy in the beginning rounds.
So far I still really enjoy the game, and might be back with some strategy discussion later, although I can’t claim to be an expert.