Bouncing Around

I spent the last week helping my Sister to pack and move. She got a different apartment in town because she ended up winning at olympic stair diving. So a single story apartment was in order. I got roped into helping her pack and move because of the injury that resulted from her spill. It took a week because she was moving slow due to the injury, and her husband had to work so he didn’t have much time. I ended up doing most of the work while she pointed out what to do next. The things we do for family…

Since I was over there for most of the week, I ended up doing my homework at her house, eating, sleeping, and getting in a little gaming here and there. I got side-tracked from MOBAs momentarily, but I am since back into full swing. I was diverted by a few new PS3 games that billy had picked up, and some he “acquired” through game sharing. I just had to run through and try them all, and netted a few trophies in the process, although not enough to catch me up to any of the guys I used to play with regularly. Someday I’ll get a PS3 again, but in the meantime there are always free to play options online on my computer, and there are more options coming out everyday.

Billy had started playing a different F2P MMO called Forsaken World. At first I wasn’t really interested at all, but when someone gives a game decent reviews and more importantly, when it’s free to play, I figure I might as well give it a shot. It’s an Eastern MMO, or at least developed by and Eastern company. Apparently it was supposed to be designed to appeal to Western gamers, and from what I’ve seen it did a decent job. Of the F2P MMOs I have played recently, including Allods, it seems very similar. It has WoW-ish graphics, although with a semi-anime feel. The classes aren’t too diverse, and each race only has a few or one to choose from. Every character gets a pet. There are prayers, a cash shop, and the mob respawn rate is ridiculous. The major selling points here are that the game doesn’t feel grindy at all. I have been able to level characters to 15 within an hour. I assume it eventually slows down but for the time being it has been really quick. The other major plus is the quest book, where characters or items are highlighted, and you can simply click the name and be auto-routed to the location. Makes the map almost useless, and is kind of nice for those times when you don’t really want to have to pay attention, you just want to level. Still, it only held my attention for so long, although it’s staying on my hard drive for the time being.

After completing my duties at her house, I came back to Ted’s and ended up helping him do a bunch of other things around the house. I also got back into playing League of Legends, and have continued to have fun with the game. I have purchased 5 (I think) champions now, and have found a few that I really enjoy. I have learned some of the nuances of the game, enough that I have actually played some PvP and was pretty successful. There have been some rounds where I actually had a positive kill ratio, and that’s always a good sign. I look forward to the new rotation of champions every week, as I get to try out new ones and make plans to buy some of them. Thankfully all of them can be purchase with the in-game cash, so I don’t really ever have to worry about coming up with any cash. Bloodline Champions has been on the back burner for now, but I still intend to get into it. I have just been sucked into LoL wholly, so I am going to go where I have the most fun.

I watched some movies recently, having had some downtime here and there. When I was at my sister’s we watched Source Code one night, and I must say that it had a great premise, but I was not impressed. Something felt off, and though I enjoyed parts, and understood the concept, it needed something and I can’t quite figure out what. Definitely a renter. Later in the week, I ended up talking to an old friend and we hung out for the first time in probably a year. We had some drinks and watched Your Highness. I thought it was hilarious, and I would even go as far as to say that it would be worth a purchase. I normally don’t rant and rave about comedies, but this one was fantasy based and the nerd in me loved it. I would compare it to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but some people would probably call that blasphemy. I just say that it has a certain sense of humor, and either you get it or you don’t. Finally, tonight I am preparing to watch Paul. I obviously can’t comment just yet, but I know that it looked fairly funny when I saw commercials for it, and I know that I like most of Simon Pegg’s movies.

My work situation has not improved, and I’m starting to despise this shitty economy. I thought I had mentioned it here, but I suppose I had not, I thought I had a pretty good job opportunity but have since found out that it’s out of the question. The guy Ted is renting this house from is either the owner or a manager at a Chevron here in town, and when I asked if they were hiring he told me that they were. He had me talk to another manager and put in an application. I was told to give them two weeks, but when I talked to him today he said that he had hired a couple of people and there were working out so far. He did say that he told his assistant to hire me if anything is to open up, so I have a job but I don’t. It’s unfortunate, but the people in question will probably work out since they would be back in a shit situation if they didn’t. I know I will be busting my ass to keep any job I happen upon, knowing what it’s like to be unemployed for so long. I’m tempted to flee the state, but having a place to land is the issue. Because of the situation I’m in, life is a constant struggle, but thankfully I have had friends and family to lean on. I just hope something works itself out soon.