Bloodline Champions

I re-downloaded Bloodline Champions, and it still seemed to run like crap on my laptop. The game isn’t very graphically intense, and it didn’t have a lot of options to customize the visuals. I played with it under a lot of different settings, and finally found the right combination that looks good and runs great. The game became playable, and so far it is my favorite of all of the MOBAs I have tried.

League of Legends is still a great game, but it definitely plays differently. LoL feels like playing a custom map on Warcraft III or even Starcraft (I know that I used to make custom maps and game modes back in the day). I know that LoL is based of Defense of the Ancients, which is a WC3 mod, so my initial statement is obvious. But because it is based on a similar game, it still plays just like those old games. Right click to move, hotkeys for abilities, and an element of strategy that comes from having creeps, AI soldiers, and buildings. All it lacks from being a full RTS is resource management. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy this sort of gameplay, and that’s most likely why LoL is one of if not the biggest MOBA out right now. But it’s different enough from Bloodline Champions, in that both games have a similar sort of gameplay (mainly centered around your hero), but the focus varies. In LoL, your goal is to destroy the enemy base, fighting other heroes along the way. In BC, it is straight up death match.

I played a bit of PvP in MMOs, enough to know that ultimately, balance always becomes an issue. PvP in MMOs is a great concept, but varying gear/level/class/race makes balance hard to find. Bloodline Champions has taken that PvP feel from MMOs, but has found a way to balance the classes pretty well, as there is no gear or level attached to the champs, so they only have their few abilities and that’s that. Gameplay comes down to using your abilities effectively to own the other team, and that’s that. Your account has levels and there are certain perks that come with those levels (this is a feature LoL has as well). One downside to this game as compared to LoL is that you don’t start with enough money to purchase a hero to use all the time, so you are stuck with the free rotation until you build enough points to buy a champion. The champs cost quite a bit as well, so I have yet to unlock my first one, but they did add in an achievement system (and we know that I’m addicted to these systems) and each one that you complete nets you some currency, called “blood coins”. Apparently there is an earning cap of 9,000 bc per week, and the champs cost 17,000 bc. So every two weeks you could theoretically unlock a new champ, and eventually you would have them all. But I imagine after earning the easy achievements, the latter ones will end up taking more time, so earning that cap might take a while, or might not be do-able unless you’re playing a lot.

So far I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 bc, but I think that the cap has refreshed by now, and the free rotation will probably be different as well. I ran through the tutorial initially, and then ended up playing quite a few games single-player wise. I have yet to try out PvP but I intend to break into that soon. I was actually thinking of trying out all of the champions first in single player, and hopefully earn enough to buy the one I like the best so I can start working towards saving for the next. But knowing that you are good with one class makes a huge difference when it comes to PvP. Players will always be more difficult, and more crafty than AI bots.

The game also has more than one game mode, and more maps than LoL (which is my biggest complaint with that game). There is the straight up death match, a capture the flag type mode, and a domination type (these would be the easiest translation from a FPS). So far I have enjoyed them all, and there is enough variety to keep me coming back. LoL is still a game that I would love to play as well, and until something better comes along, these are the games of choice for me.