So I have played a few other MOBAs after my last post.

So far I have concluded that League of Legends is the best out of those I have tried. Keep in mind though that I’m speaking of only those that are completely free to download and play, cash shop or not. So that takes Heroes of Newerth out of the equation since I would have to actually buy the game, along with some others that I have seen on a few lists that I can’t remember names for now. Last night I tried out Rise of Immortals, along with World of Battles, and found that I didn’t like either. RoI had the issue of being exactly like LoL, but having shitty graphics and nothing that stood out to keep me around. WoB had the issue of not having heroes. I didn’t care about having control of the armies, and honestly I think MOBAs are best left to us only controlling one character rather than armies.

League of Legends is polished, responsive, and I like the graphical style. The hero classes are diverse and so far I have found a few that I like. My only major complaint is that there are two maps. They seriously need to diversify in this area, because I get bored in the same environment even if it doesn’t change the core gameplay. But the core gameplay is where the game shines, I really enjoy the battles, and so far the AI has been impressive, even on beginner. I have yet to try my hand at any PvP only because I haven’t found a character that I do really well with yet. I haven’t lost a round, but never get too many kills. I intend to keep playing, mainly because the weekly rotation of characters keeps things fresh, although I can say I’m not overly thrilled with this week’s lot. I did get some free riot points and have earned a bit of influence points, so I did purchase one of last week’s champs, but I will have to wait to find the next one I want to use the influence on. I think that once I find that optimal character I will be ready to take on some PvP.

I know that I mentioned having tried Bloodline Champions in the past, and it not running so well on my laptop. I checked the system requirements again today and realized that I should be able to run it no problem. I think that originally I just let the game auto-detect and recommend settings. I decided that I would re-download the game and try it again; this time I’m going to try to play with the settings a bit. I think that it looks very appealing so I wanted to give it another shot and hopefully I’ll have a couple of games I enjoy playing on the PC again.

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  1. its all menu systems mostly. Very much like classic BBS door games.

    been playing it for a year or two now myself. Nice cause you can spend 10 min a day or hours working on stuff.


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