It’s been a while, yet I don’t really have a lot to share. I have a few small updates, and one major one. I’m just going to be lazy and make this into another bullet post.

  • I broke up with Amanda. I’m beginning to think that relationships aren’t right for me. There have been points where I wanted to get married and have kids, and other points where I couldn’t be bothered. The women I have fallen hardest for ended up leaving me, and I have left girls I didn’t feel as strongly for as they did for me. I feel ok with being single though, I need to focus on myself right now. They say that relationships are work and that if it’s not worth working for it’s not worth it overall. I think that baggage and bullshit gets old real quick, and unless the trade-off is substantial, it’s not worth it, even if in the long run I could put out a shitload of effort and it would be a semi-beneficial relationship. Maybe I’m being too picky, maybe I just want perfection.
  • I went on a little trip over the last couple days. On Sunday my roommate Ray decided he wanted to go to the beach, so I went with him to his family’s house in Fontana and we went and saw Captain America. Then yesterday morning we got up early and headed out with a couple other friends to Newport Beach. We had a pretty good time, and were there most of the day. I ended up with a horrific sunburn though, and I’m not too happy with that. Aloe Vera lotion only works so well.
  • Captain America wasn’t all that great. It had its moments, but it wasn’t something that I really wanted to see. I would have preferred to see Transformers or even the last Harry Potter movie. As of late, comic book movies have failed to impress, but that could be due to the fact that they have been making movies about characters I never really cared about all that much. The new Spider-Man movie looks like it might have potential, but I am semi-biased since that was my favorite comic character. Still, it seems they are finding ways to ruin comic book movies left and right.
  • Aside from playing Black Ops whenever I get a chance when I’m at a friend’s with a PS3, I have been searching for something to do on the laptop. I haven’t been playing any MMOs, and I don’t really want to pay for any subscriptions, or single player games (nor do I have the resources). So I ended up scouring the web for new free to play MMOs or games. I tried a few F2P MMOs back when SOE had all their downtime, and I can officially say that I do not like Eastern MMOs. They are too grindy, despite having some cool features. Because I am addicted to shooters again, I was looking for something more along those lines, MMO or otherwise. I ended up giving World of Tanks a shot, because a lot of other bloggers had some positive things to say about it. I wasn’t a fan. It has that multiplayer element and feels more like a deathmatch, but it was too slow-paced. I imagine if I put some time into it would begin to grow on me, but I just uninstalled and moved on. I had been reading over on Massively about the newest trend of MOBAs, and I thought I would give them a try. I tried one in the past, Bloodline Champions, and I liked the concept but it didn’t run well on my laptop. This time around I tried League of Legends, and I was actually hooked into it fairly quickly. I have played a few matches and did fairly well and I intend to keep this one around to play for a while. There are a couple of others I want to check out, but some of they cost money to buy and play, rather than just having a cash shop. More on these later.
  • I stumbled upon some browser-based games in my searching, and one that stuck out was called Castle Empire, which is made by the creators of the Settlers. I haven’t played it yet, but I am intrigued. Another F2P RTS coming out is Age of Empires online, and I also want to check that one out after its out of beta. The problem with MMOs coming about is that they all take so much time to play. The older I get the less time I want to devote to playing a game. I would rather spend 30 minutes playing Call of Duty or an hour or two playing an MOBA or RTS, rather than spending 4 hours straight going on a raid in an MMO. Those games ate up a lot of time for me, and I feel like I missed out on a lot of cool smaller games that might have an ending, but were more enjoyable as a whole. I have also gotten cheap in my older age, and I would rather play for free. Cash shops don’t seem to be too big of an issue, because they rarely contain game-breaking items. There are usually work arounds as well, where you can just play the game and earn currency that you can use in the cash shop. If I save a bunch of money over months that I didn’t spend on a subscription, then I am probably going to be ok with spending $10-20 in the shop once in a while.
I think that’s about it for now. Hopefully there will be more to share next time around, and maybe I’ll have good news.