Strange Times

I’m attempting to move back “home”. I’m sort of flying by the seat of my pants. I mentioned that not too long ago I moved out to my Dad’s house, and shortly after arriving, I realized that I didn’t really want to start my life over from scratch. My girlfriend is closer to me if I’m in Hemet, part of my family lives here, and all of my friends live here. I did enjoy the time I got to spend with my Dad for the most part, but I just didn’t feel right there from the start. I wouldn’t have moved there in the first place but I ended up going based on someone else’s decision. That decision was changed into another decision, and so my decision was changed as well.

So I browsed through the job listings another time, but I checked in the Hemet area instead. I found that there were some opportunities, and I was called on one of them. I ended up coming out here, asking Ted if I could crash on his couch. Two weeks have gone by. I am not happy to report that I still remain unemployed. There are some good things that have come of my time out here though. I put an ad on Craigslist that I was a vocalist looking for a band, first in the San Fernando Valley area. I did get some contact, but nothing really worked out. Having played a few songs at an FOS (my former band) show really got me wanting to get back into the music scene. So I put another ad on Craigslist for the Hemet area. Within 15 minutes I had two separate guys call me; one a hard rock band seeking a vocalist, the other a guy trying to begin a new project. The former actually set me up for a time to come check them out. The latter said he was going to send me a recording that I could put lyrics to, but never got back to me. So I went and “auditioned” for the band Sinfected.

The first time I went to their practice space, they played me some songs that were on their demo, which another singer performed on. They also played some of their content that didn’t have lyrics, and then I sang along for one song. They said they liked what they heard, and invited me back for a second session. In the interim, I ended up learning their demo with a cd they provided, and changed around some of the lyrics where I saw fit. When we practiced last, I performed all 5 songs with changes included. They seemed to like what I had done, and the progress I made with the songs. Our next practice is on Friday, and I am attempting to learn how to use their Zoom MRS-8, which they had trouble setting up. I’m hoping that we can get it going, so that we can record all of their unfinished work and I can write lyrics for the songs. I always feel better about a project when I’m using my own material. I’m still finding my voice for this project as well. In my former band I had a more spoken word sort of style, and in this band I have to use differing techniques, some that I have very little experience with. But it has been rewarding, and I’m sure that soon we will be playing live shows, which is exciting.

Since I have been hanging at Ted’s house, I have come across a prime opportunity for life to get back on track. When me and Ted first rented this place, we went through a rental company. The house foreclosed sometime after I moved out. A couple of months ago the bank started taking rent from them. A few days ago, the bank sold the house, so Ted has to move, although they are paying him handsomely to do so. I have a little under 30 days to secure employment, and then I will have the opportunity to move back in with room mates I have already lived with, and my life can get back on track. I’m not too concerned with where I work at this point, I just have to be able to pay my bills. I’m ok with living paycheck to paycheck if I’m on my own again, and I will just continue to focus on school and get that done. When I move on to a professional career, I won’t have to worry about money anymore.

Speaking of school, I finished my first block of classes. As of right now my grades aren’t posted, but I know that I had a high A in one class, and finished my final with a B+. In the other class I had a high B, and I finished the final with a B+ as well. I’m hoping my final score brings up my over all score in the latter class, and I will have finished with A’s in both. I started new classes this week, and they look to be a bit more challenging. I haven’t done much yet as it is the first week and we’re barely halfway through it, but I definitely see it being more difficult. But I’m ok with that, I just need to get a schedule down again. In the previous classes I was sort of slacking; I know I definitely wasn’t as focused as I could have been. Once things settle down I know that I will do well in school.

I haven’t been playing EQ2. I really was having fun playing again, and I’m not even going to say I won’t play again or anything like that. I was a bit miffed at the end game progression, but it’s something I would probably do had I not become addicted to first person shooters again. I have contemplated playing Counter-Strike or Day of Defeat recently, but have only played Black Ops for the most part. Ted had borrowed it for his 360 and we were playing quite a bit (enough so that I started getting used to the Xbox controller again), but then the person who owned the game wanted it back. Ray ended up getting a copy for his PS3, and I was game to get back into playing on that again, so we have been leveling him up, playing split screen multiplayer. I’m throughly addicted to the game again. The CS and DoD urges have come when the TV was being used for something else.

I have a busy couple of days ahead of me. In the morning I’m going to make some calls to follow-up on jobs. I also need to do some laundry. Then I’m heading to Amanda’s house in the evening to spend some time with her. Friday morning, I’m heading out to my Dad’s house, not only because I found out that my school grant money check came in, but I also need to get my music equipment since it will see some use again, and maybe a few other miscellaneous items. I have practice that night, and then my buddy Keith invited me over for BBQ and beers. I didn’t get as much in grant money as I was expecting, based on what they said I should get when I signed up for classes in the first place; I actually got about half what I expected. From there, it’s just going to be school work and looking for work, as usual.

I was going to talk about some movies I have watched lately, but I think this post has stretched far enough. I will possibly write a mini-review post in the near future. But don’t hold me to it.