Epic in a Day

I finally have a character that is max adventure level, and max trade skill level, for the first time since I started playing Everquest II back in 2006. The trade skill system has come a long way since those days, back when you had to make combines to make combines and harvesting took forever. They have simplified the trade skill process and have added in almost adventure-like quests to boost xp gain, and I tip my hat to the idea, or I would have never been able to accomplish such a feat. The only thing I am lacking now is AAs; my Paladin is now 90/90/189. 111 AAs to go. This character at one point had been max adventure level and maxed on AAs, but that was when the cap was 70/100. He still never maxed his trade skill level at that point though.

Hitting the max level adventure cap meant I could finally use some of the gear that was in my bag, waiting for me to hit level 90. I have 3 pieces of public quest gear, and some stuff that I had randomly acquired, mostly from SF. This also meant that it was time to start thinking about doing some of the end-game stuff, aside from finishing quests in my log. I managed to finish the quests in Great Divide and had started on the Eastern Wastes by the time I hit cap, and having been grinding for a while to get to cap, I decided it was time to do some other things. I decided it was time for my Paladin to get his epic.

Yesterday I started off pretty early. I had been up for a couple of hours and had already finished up school work and things I needed to do around the house, so I set off to get my pre-requisites done. The Paladin epic requires the Froak language, along with +40,000 (ally) faction with the Synod Reet. At some point in my earlier travels, I had completed the quests required to learn frog-speak, so I really only had to work on faction. There aren’t really many guides as to where to start, as I’m sure the maintainers of the wiki figured you would have already run through the Kunzar Jungle questlines and raised your faction with the Reet by at least a little. Well, this character got left behind when the cap was 70, so he had only quested a little in Kunark, up to the Fens of Nathsar. So he was a bit behind the curve when the cap was raised to 80. When the cap was raised to 90, and after my Brigand was leveled, I used him to do shard runs in Lavastorm, and he managed to hit level 80 that way. When I came back to the game recently, I took him straight to SF, and ran him through those zones and part of DOV to get to 90. So going back, I didn’t even see quest feathers to start anything in Kunzar.

I did forget about a little option where you can make out leveled quests still appear at their appropriate quest giver. Once that was checked, I then was able to locate the Reet in KJ, and started off their quest series. The beginning of the journey saw me running around KJ and doing some random quests. By the time I finished, I was right around positive faction with them, but definitely needed a lot more. I had received some quests from them that sent me into Sebilis, and at first I was worried that there would be parts of that dungeon I wouldn’t be able to solo, so I thought that I might get stuck and have to wait around to get a group. Thankfully, the highest level mobs in the zone were only green, and even though some of them hit hard enough that if I was a Guardian I wouldn’t have been able to handle it, I’m a Paladin, and survivability is our game. I managed to finish quest after quest including some repeatable quests, and finally had enough faction to move on to the actual epic quest, “A Paladin’s Crusade”.

The Paladin’s Crusade had me running all over Norrath, gathering components to help the Reet escape from slavery in Sebilis. Finally after gathering components for hours, I was zoned into the Reet Resistance zone and helped the Reet escape from Seb. Then it was off to do this and that, and then go to the Shard of Fear to get a Mark of Terror. I had never been to the zone, somehow or another I missed that one altogether. I really had no idea how to complete the zone, so I just started killing named. After I killed everything I could find, I came to a shimmering wall, and according to the map, Terror was behind it. With no real clue how to get back there, I turned to the Wiki. This was no help at all. I can now tell you that if you haven’t been in the zone before, you have to do little ring events all around the zone to get drops that you use as offerings to spawn Terror. There are 3 towers that have “fetid corpses” all around and inside them. Clear the zombies and large skeleton named will spawn. Kill all three of those and pick up their hearts/minds. There are also two offering pools with lizardmen around them, kill the three lizard men, and drop their bodies into the pools. This will spawn these fright flyer mobs. Kill those, and hearts will spawn on the ground, collect them. When you get to the shimmering wall, there is a tower with two pedestals outside of it. Place the hearts you got from the offering pools on the pedestals, and the door to the tower will open and spiders will spawn. After killing the spiders, there’s a hole in the ground in the tower, when you enter it, you are ported to the other side of the wall. Once there, you can climb the pyramid and find the clicky tower things on the sides of it. There are 6 in all and that’s where you place the hearts/minds from the skeletons. Terror will spawn at the top of the pyramid and once you kill him you will have your mark of terror. I hope this will help someone in the future, because it was a pain in the ass for me. Thankfully the entire zone was grey, so I had no troubles with the actual kills.

After this, you have to do a couple other steps and then end up in KJ again, where you talk to an NPC and the final mob spawns. He was green, and easy to beat. Then you go to the monk temple and loot your sword, the Fabled Truth of Marr. Now that I have this step completed, I am ready to move on to the Epic Repercussions questline, where you get the buffs from the Mythical Epic as a buff you can use, and the actual epic gets relegated to an appearance slot (as it sits now). Still a worthwhile thing to do, and in the course of the faction grind and the actual quest I ended up netting 7 AAs.

That’s really all I have done for the past week or so. I will be back with more adventures soon.