Max Level Trade Skill Class??

Just a quick update.

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but I finally have a max level trade skill class. My Paladin reached level 90 Woodworker night before last, finishing up the DOV trade skill questline in the process. I then went on to finish up the harvesting quest, acquiring my pack-horse, so harvesting is really going to be a thing of the past (except for getting those pesky rares, which still don’t drop nearly fast enough!). Now I’m back to adventuring full-time, as there really isn’t anything else for me to do trade skill wise, aside from faction grinds and getting the last few combines for my trade skill epic. Oh and then there’s the prayer shawl HQ, but I’m kind of over the whole trade skill side of the game for now.

I’m in the Stonebrunt Highlands finishing up the SF quests for now, and just reached level 86 and 167 AAs. I could actually move over to DOV now, and start getting some good gear upgrades, but I am so close to finishing SF I’m just going to do it for the AAs. Eventually I’ll have to move back to the Moors and Kunark to round out my AAs, but for now it’s smooth sailing. Slowly but surely my Paladin inches closer to cap, and is improving at every turn. My Brigand is still a little bit ahead, but Thalinos is almost caught up, and once he’s done and ready for bigger and better things I may turn some attention to the Brigand, but for now it’s all Pally all the time.