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And we’re back online. SOE and PSN is up, although the latter has some limited functionality. I was tempted to jump on the bandwagon and give my two cents about the whole Sony debacle, as naysayers were abound and making it very clear that they weren’t happy. The faithful were on a different wavelength, and were able to realize that this could happen to any company, and it has happened in the past. Hacking isn’t anything new, this was just the first time it so close to home for many of us. I didn’t jump on either side firmly, I merely waited. I still believe that Sony overall is a good company. Call me a fan boy if you want, I have been with the Playstation console since the beginning, and personally I enjoy it much more than the 360 or the Wii (and I did own one of the latter and lived with an owner of the former, so I’m not speaking blindly). As far as SOE goes, I’m not someone who could be called a fan boy, but I definitely enjoy the Everquest series more than any other MMO I’ve played, series or otherwise. This recent outage merely confirmed that, as I hadn’t been able to find anything that was worth my time otherwise. As a company they have made some mistakes, but every company has, and I’m not going to hold this attack against them. I’m just hoping the hackers target Microsoft or Blizzard next, so everyone else can get a taste, and haters can shut their mouths.

So I’ve been back in EQ2 land, and it’s been fun again. I’m glad to be back, because quite frankly nothing else I tried measured up. I really didn’t feel like starting over elsewhere anyway, I was motivated to do things back at “home”. I have been working on getting my Paladin maxed out on both adventure level and trade skill level. As of last night, I have reached level 88 woodworker, and I am currently working the DOV trade skill quest lines. Very soon (possibly tonight) I’ll be done with the series, and will be doing the dailies for the flying mount. Then I can focus on adventuring again, but things will be expedited due to the mount. The double xp offered by SOE ends this weekend, so my goal is to be 90/90 by then. I am far behind the curve on AAs, sitting at about 157 or so, but they are coming in quickly; the trade skill quests have helped with that, and I still have most of Kunark, all of the Moors, part of SF, and all of DOV adventure wise, so there’s plenty of AAs to be had.

Because of the extra xp and the changes made to the trade skill advancement in general, it’s been flying. It about two weeks total (not counting the downtime) of off and on trade skilling, I have leveled from 47 to 88. 90 is right around the corner. During that time I did a bunch of rush orders to help our guild along with leveling, but also did a few different questlines, including the cloak of the harvester, and I am nearly finished with the trade skill epic. I only need the commissioned pieces and I’ll be done with that as well. Also waiting on the 14 day timer to end on the SF questline so I can get my evac earring from the quest that comes in the mail. This is the most I have done with trade skills ever, and I’m actually motivated to get some of my other characters leveled up, now that my woodworker is actually at the point where his combines will come in handy.

Aside from the bonus xp, SOE also offered some of the world events, which I don’t really care about, but I also noticed that I had some new goodies in LON as well. I’m not sure what all was included in the promo, as I never saw any documentation about LON, but I had 13 packs and a special “loot pack” waiting for me when I checked it last night. I was able to pick what would normally be a random loot card from the newest LON set. Because it’s mostly appearance gear and my Pally is already decked out in that department, and the rest is house stuff (that I’m not too addicted to) I decided to get a mount from the set. It ended up being faster than the mount that I had, and has the normal stat bonuses that most mounts do. The only shame is that I probably won’t use it after I get my flying mount, but for now it is useful. Besides I think there’s some achievement for having a bunch of mounts so I’ll get a little something more out of it. There were two options for mounts, the one that I picked because it was more fitting for a Paladin, and a Necro or SK sort of mount that was skeletal. Here’s a pic of the mount I went for:

Outside of EQ2 land, I have been applying for jobs and attempting to spend as much time as possible with my girlfriend. It has been hard on the limited funds that I do have, but something has to work itself out eventually. I decided the other day that I would attempt to locate a band to play with in the area, because I am really feeling that hole in my life. I really enjoyed being in a band, and I would give damn near anything to get back involved with it. I started looking around and found a pretty cool site called Bandmix, and set up a profile there. I didn’t think that would be quite enough, so I also posted a listing on Craigslist, and I have actually gotten some responses from the latter, a lot quicker than I anticipated. I made sure to put my number on the listing, and within a day I was getting text messages from various people. So far nothing is concrete, the first guy to talk to me was a lone guitarist, and we didn’t really click on musical tastes. An east coast band sent me an email, which I thought was strange since I’m on the west coast and clearly listed that on my post. I emailed them back but haven’t heard anything back. Finally, last night a local band that needed a frontman contacted me, and we talked on the phone for a couple of hours. Again, nothing concrete, but everything meshed and I’m excited to go try out for them when the chance arises. Cross your fingers for me.

That’s about all for now.

Edit: I hadn’t noticed this post on the EQ2Players page. Apparently they did detail the LON goodies. My mistake.