The Start of a New Adventure

A couple of weeks ago, I came out to visit my Dad, as I had previously mentioned. The visit was good and all, and I came home not expecting anything unusual. My Sister had been looking for new places for quite some time, mainly because she wanted a second room for her stuff, long-term, but for the short-term it would be a room for me to stay in. My luck has not improved in the employment department. This is officially the longest I have ever been unemployed, and it’s driving me nuts. I do enjoy having all of the extra time, but without any money to do anything the extra time feels like a waste. So I came home and she told me that she wasn’t having any luck finding a two bedroom house or apartment in her their price range, and was becoming discouraged. I told her that if all else failed, I had one last place I could go, so she didn’t have to take me into consideration in her hunt. Then I headed off to Amanda’s house to hang out for a couple of days.

When I came back home, my Sister dropped it on me. Her husband is originally from Idaho. Apparently he still has family in the Boise area, and she found out that the company that she works for has a branch out there. He works at Wal-mart, and we all know that is nation-wide so he shouldn’t have trouble transferring either. So she told me that they have a game plan in the works to move out-of-state. As soon as I heard the news I decided it was time to try my luck at my Dad’s house, in Granada Hills. So last weekend I headed over to start the process of cleaning out a room for myself. The project only took a couple of days, and in the process we cleaned out the garage and parts of two other rooms to clear out the room that would become mine. By Sunday night I was pretty much done, and I made arrangements with Amanda to help me get a U-haul on Tuesday to haul the last of my stuff out. I went to her house on Monday evening to hang out and spend the night, and then we were up early yesterday to head to Hemet. We picked up my stuff from my Sister’s first, then got the U-haul and loaded up the last of my stuff from Ted’s garage. We unloaded when we got here, and dropped the truck off in Northridge, and then went out to dinner. Afterwards we hung out for a little bit and then I took Amanda home and slept over again, and headed back home in the morning.

Today I had the task of putting everything in its place, which only took a couple of hours. After that I had to catch up on school work; I’m in week 3 of my first series of classes, and I hadn’t done anything for a couple of days. Since then I’ve just been relaxing. I would be playing EQ2 most likely, but as I’m sure everyone already knows, SOE has been down for 3 days now, and doesn’t appear to be coming up any time soon. I would be more upset about it, being a Sony customer in more ways than one, but my PS3 has been broken for a while now, so I was unaffected by PSN’s downtime. I haven’t really been affected by SOE’s downtime until today, and I have had plenty to do otherwise. I figure I will find some other game to play for the remainder of the evening.

Speaking of EQ2, I don’t have a lot to report because I have been rather busy with all of the preparations and moving. But I did manage to take my Paladin to level 72 Woodworker from level 47 in about a week. I have been grinding tradeskill writs mostly, but I also took part in a tradeskill instance, and did a few tradeskill quests. At this point I am focusing on getting him maxed out in tradeskill levels first, so that I can get a flying mount for him that way, and make getting his final 6 adventure levels that much easier. What can I say, I got spoiled by the flying mounts in the promotion. My Brigand has already done his flying mount quest on the adventure side, so he is all set and ready to go once the time comes for me to start playing him again. But at the moment I see more of a use for my Paladin in the current guild, for off-tanking or for the times when my Dad doesn’t feel like playing his main (guardian).

So I’m at a new juncture in my life. I was born in Hemet. I moved to Granada Hills as a lad for a few years. I lived in Simi Valley for 8 or so years. Then I was back in Hemet for 15. I haven’t been living away from there in so long that all that I know is out there. It will be interesting to see how the job market and things work around here. I will miss the few friends I have left in H-town, and I will miss my small bit of family there, but I don’t miss the drama of my past there. I feel good having a fresh start. Wish me luck in my endeavors.