Norrath Notebook

The “Take Flight” promotion ended this last thursday morning, and I would have thought I would have gotten my fill of Everquest II. The flying mount was enough to make me want to see the world in a different view, but playing the game got me interested in the new expansion. And that got me interested in leveling up my Paladin to cap, as he only made it to 80 the last time I played, with my Brigand having hit cap and recently completed his epic weapon quest. There have also been recent (within the last year that I hadn’t played) changes to the tradeskilling system, with someone like my father being able to level a tradeskiller to level 90 in only 4 days. Granted he is a little obsessive about his tradeskills, but that could mean someone like me could finally have a character at the tradeskill cap, because I pretty much completely loathed the system. I see uses for the skills, I just never had the patience to grind out the levels. I think I can have more completely rounded characters that way, and maybe I can keep myself busy enough to justify playing the game, but also not having to conform to any sort of scheduling, because then I can just do my own thing most of the time, with less of a focus on grouping. I have many goals that don’t include grouping, but those group goals will play a part later on.

I ended up going to visit my Dad last Wednesday evening. I stayed until yesterday afternoon, with a pit stop at my girlfriend’s house last night. On Wednesday I had expressed to him my interest in actually playing the game fairly regularly again, and he gifted me a copy of Destiny of Velious and a month’s subscription. So I’m back in the game for a minimum of a month. I still had the flying mount for the night, so I had to check out the Great Divide and start the solo questlines on my Brigand, and he managed to get quite a few upgrades along the way. Because I purchased DoV during the promotion, I ended up with 1,000 extra station cash (I should also have 500 more for re-subscribing but with all of the issues with SOE right now, I’m guessing it will happen eventually). I decided to spend it on appearance gear, and this is how my brigand ended up:

There’s Izlain in the “Angelus Conlegium” Guild Hall. My Dad started a new guild since the last time I played. Izlain has played through some of the new solo questlines, but also did some grouping with the guild. Most of my focus has been on my Paladin, as he hasn’t seen much love since before Kunark released. He did end up leveling a little through Kunark (up to the Fens) and then did enough shard runs to get his complete T1 shard set. He never started on Mark runs, never saw TSO or SF, and has never been to the DOV zones. Some of that has changed since, he has started soloing the SF quests, and is almost to Stonebrunt. He also grouped up in the Hole, and has gotten approximately 15 AAs in the past week, along with hitting level 84 as of now. I am leaving the rest of Kunark and TSO for AAs, and will complete those quests after I finish off SF and DOV. Self-mentored soloing still flies a lot fast when you aren’t a DPS class. There was an armor suit for Thalinos that I had been eyeing for some time, and I also picked up an appearance cloak from the Station Store. Here’s Thal as he looks now:

There’s the armor set I picked up for him.

Here’s the cloak… the clouds in the background actually move. I thought it blended nicely with the armor set, and really looks like something a Paladin would wear.

So for now, my goals are to level Thalinos to level 90, cap both his and Izlain’s AAs at 300, level both of their tradeskills up to cap, and level my Wizard in both aspects as well. I also started up a lowbie Shadowknight, and am looking forward to seeing the major differences in Crusaders. I believe I’m going to make him an alchemist. I did see a major need for an off-tank in the guild, or just for another tank so that my dad can play other characters if he wishes, so I am really focusing on the Paladin at this point in time. I’m not sure how much of this I will be able to accomplish before this month is up, but if I’m still really wanting to play by then I will find a way to re-subscribe.