Taking Flight

I’ll start with a picture, as they speak thousands of words:

SOE is currently running a promotion for 7 free days of play for inactive accounts. I was one of the people who received an email detailing the promotion, complete with links to download the game. I had uninstalled the game about a year ago, and really had no intention on going back to play it ever again, even knowing that the latest expansion released a couple of months ago. The free time included access to everything up until the last expansion, which is everything that I already owned. So that wasn’t the pull either. The sweetest part of the deal was most definitely the ability to get my own flying mount without having to jump through any hoops to get one. I had already experienced flying mounts in WoW, but to be able to see Norrath from the sky sounded like fun.

I decided to toy around with my Paladin as he was sitting at level 80, and with no increase in level cap from the newest expansion, he had more to do than my Brigand. I figured it would be possible to hit level 90 with him during the free time, but truth be told I haven’t played nearly enough to reach that goal. I would honestly like to check out the new expansion and play the game for a while. I just don’t have the finances to do so at this point in time. But it was neat to see some of the improvements made in the game, especially the UI. I never was a fan of custom UIs, so I always used the standard one, just moved things around to my liking. The improvements in the UI didn’t take away the need to move things around, but it’s all around prettier, and has some new functionality that I enjoy.

I also got around to playing with my lowbie Wizard as well, it’s nice to be able to call the flying mount on any of the toons on my account. I found out that I had a little bit of station cash sitting there collecting dust, so I decide to see if there was anything I could afford. To my delight, I found a nifty staff for my wizard, it’s pictured above. I haven’t really done much else in the game, I mostly just re-associated myself with the game.

The ever driving need to earn trophies has still taken the cake, even over this free time that I’ve had. I have been playing through Dragon Age: Origins, and am damn near completing my third play through of the game. This time around I’ve played a mage, and it makes the game seriously easy. I only had a couple of trophies to get towards the beginning of the game, but there were quite a few I needed towards the end, so I’m very close to getting the platinum now.

After finishing my orientation class a little over a week ago, I found out that I would have a week off. I ended up getting to do quite  a bit of fun stuff during that week, most notably going to Six Flags Magic Mountain with Amanda. It had been about 4 or 5 years since I had been last, and quite a few of the rides had changed around. The newest was X2, and it was a hell of a ride. I also got to see my Dad because after we were done we stopped by to see him. It’s probably indirectly because of him that I ended up delving back into EQ2, however limited that may have been. As of today my week off is over, and I started two full-time classes today. After seeing the syllabuses, it appears these classes are going to be easy as well. I’m looking forward to a challenge, but it’s ok that it’s going easy so far. I may be eating my words in coming months.

That’s about all I have for now. Maybe next time I will more to report from Norrath.