When Will I Catch a Break?

This week started off like any other week. I was hanging out at my Sister’s house on Sunday, and I had planned to go home that evening. I ended up spending the night because her and Billy both worked on Monday, and they recently got a puppy that isn’t potty trained, and was tearing up their place while they were gone. So I volunteered to puppy-sit Monday. I hung out at played games during the day and walked the dog here and there. In the evening, I got a text from my Step-Dad and he was requesting that I do some things around the house this week. Normally I don’t scoff, I don’t complain, I just do what is asked of me because they are giving me a free ride in these tough times. But this time he was rather bitchy, insulting, and then downright hurtful as the conversation continued. He contradicted himself multiple times, and I stood up for myself. This resulted in a comment that I either do as he says or get my shit and get out of his house. I honestly believe he thought that I really had no other options, so I would just bend over and take it. I talked with my Sister about it, and she told me that I should sleep on it and make a decision the next day.

I didn’t feel any better about it when I woke up on Tuesday. I still felt he was out of line, and I sent him a message that I would give him the opportunity to apologize to me, and I would pretend like the offense never happened. He told me not to let the door hit me in the ass on the way out. So that was that. Thankfully I had already checked my arrangements, and I was able to store my stuff in Ted’s garage, and am now couch surfing at my Sister’s. Got to love family right?

So with the law of threes, more bad shit had to happen right? But of course! So I spent all day yesterday packing, getting Keith to bring his truck over, getting my furniture and seldom used stuff to Ted’s and then got my clothes and often used stuff to my Sister’s. After getting everything set up, I helped her clean the house a bit. After all was said and done, I sat down to relax and decided it was time to fire up the PS3 and play some games. I got it started up and loaded a game, and while I was still in the menus, the system suddenly shut off. I hadn’t ever had that happen before, but thought nothing of it really. Long story short, it ended up being the yellow light of death, which is the equivalent to the Xbox 360’s red ring of death. I read online about all sorts of fixes, and the option to send the system in to Sony to get repairs for $150. It would be free if it was still under warranty, but of course my warranty expired last month. So I decided to crack it open and see if I could find what was wrong. After close inspection, everything seemed to be in tact, I couldn’t find anything amiss, and surprisingly the interior of the system was nearly dust free. So I assume it was some sort of hardware failure, and I’m going to have to send it into Sony whenever I can finally get that money together.

The 3rd thing was I got another infection, staph related. Thankfully I still had antibiotics, so it appears to be getting better. Just a pain in my ass. So hopefully this means good things will be on the way, since the shit has hit the fan. So now I’m trying to get my hands on a USB flash drive so I can attempt to put the hard drive from my system into Billy’s, and then transfer my saves and whatnot onto it, that way I can play games on his system using my sign in info. Apparently that still works for earning trophies and whatnot. I will however lose the games I acquired through game sharing, and that won’t be resolved until my PS3 is up and running. But then I will be able to transfer the saves back to my refurbished PS3 when I get it back, and should be able to re-download everything. I just don’t know when I’ll have the funds to do so. So for the time being, I won’t be playing any console games until I can at minimum get my saves over to his system. The rest will follow.

I officially start school on Monday. So my plan to veg out and relax before that starts is sort of out the window. As of now I’m just thankful that I have a place to stay so I can’t really complain. Almost two weeks into non-smoking, and that’s still working out pretty good despite the stresses of the past few days. With any luck things will improve from here.