Trajectory Change

Funny how life changes so quickly. I enrolled in school at the University of Phoenix. I’ll be taking online courses, working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Web Development. I already have somewhat of a head start, having been involved with the internet for many years now, but a lot of technologies have been developed since I was really into coding and design. I’m excited to get started towards something that might finally give me that edge in life. It was time I grew up and took care of business.

I also quit smoking, as of last Saturday. So far so good. I have also indulged in alcoholic beverages, and still didn’t smoke. That was a major hang up for me before, as the two go hand in hand. This time around I must truly want to quit, because it has been easier than any of the other times I had tried. But I went for 10 years solid, so I think it’s time to get my breathing back, and hopefully as a result I’ll be able to get back in shape a little easier too. I’m aiming for stronger physical and mental health this year. Wish me luck.