Starting Anew In Middle-Earth

I ended up installing and patching LOTRO today. My brother-in-law and I rolled characters on the Meneldor server. I had decided I wanted to be primarily a damage dealer, so I created a Dwarf Champion, Thallinos (my typical MMO name was taken, thus the extra “L” in the name). He has been playing the game (F2P) for about a month, and has a slightly better knowledge of the game, so I was basically just following him around, but I’m beginning to grasp the major concepts of the game. I really hadn’t gotten too in depth when I played in the past, and still had the free month of play from buying a copy, so I have the advantage of having everything available to me, for now at least. After the free month, if I dumb down to the F2P version of the game, apparently there are certain things that I will lose, but no worries there, I’m not sure this will be a long tour of the game. Thus far it feels much like every other MMO I have played, although I am only a level 9. There are some aspects of the game that I haven’t been able to check out just yet, such as the monster pvp, and the skirmishes. I’ll give this a month at the very least, and if it manages to hold me that long I will go from there. It was a fun change of pace from playing games on the Playstation, but there is still that part of me that is wary to get involved in another MMO as seriously as I have been in the past.