LCD Withdrawals

No, I didn’t mean LSD.

I have already expressed my disdain for regular tube TVs, but it’s getting to the point where I flat refuse to play games on them. It’s only sheer desperation and boredom that will lead me to play my PS3 on anything less than some form of HDTV. Because I still have friends that have larger Projection TVs and a couple with LCDs, I can still take my PS3 on a road trip to get my fix. I have already mentioned games that I have been playing here and there, but one game I haven’t really touched on is the newest game in my library, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

The reason being, is that on the 19″ tube TV, I couldn’t really even read any of the text. And in an RPG such as it is, all of the menus contain vital information necessary to learn/play the game. Of course I figured out the basics of the game, but there was so much I was missing that I only figured out as recently as last night. I was bored, sitting at home, and my sister invited me over to have some dinner. I knew that they have a (slightly small) 32″ Samsung LCD, so I suggested I bring my PS3. I only have two games that are two player, but it was something and if nothing else they could just watch me play something ;). So after I arrived (and after a trip back to the house because I forgot the damn power cord) and we ate dinner, I hooked up the PS3. On a side note, I can now officially say that out of the 3 brands of LCD TVs I have seen in action, Sony and Samsung have the best picture quality. Vizio has gotten some high ratings, but I don’t really care for the one my Mom has.

I played some Uncharted 2 first, mainly because I hadn’t played in quite some time but also because my sister’s husband wanted to see it in action. Then we went on to try out the co-op on Sacred 2. I must say, being able to read the menus is a huge benefit, I actually figured out how to acquire new combat arts, how to upgrade them, how to socket items, etc. Really, the game now makes sense whereas before I was just mindlessly completing the quests. The game also plays out a little different on a co-op level, although there were some hoops we had to jump through.

Initially I just created a user account on the system itself for Billy. When I started up the game I created a character and then had him jump in the game. Over time we ended up picking up gear that the other could use, runes too, and for some reason the trade function would not work no matter what we tried. We ended up having to look it up online, and turns out it’s some sort of bug they still haven’t managed to patch. Billy had to go to the PSN website, and sign up for his own PSN ID, sign into it and start up my game solo, create a character and then logout and I had to do the same. Then when he joined my game, lo and behold we could trade. Hopefully someone else will read this and figure it out easier.

The game itself is rather pretty on a good TV, but it is a little choppy here and there. Overall it plays more like Diablo, but is designed more like an MMO; the quest structure, the character customization, the skill trees all feel like many of the MMOs I’ve played. I ended up rolling a Shadow Warrior (Tank with summon-able pets), and he played a High Elf (fire/ice/lightning wizard). The combo has worked well so far, we haven’t had a single death. It’s been fun thus far, and the farthest I had delved into the game, owning it over a month. I even managed to snag 3 trophies thus far.

I spent the night last night and awoke to the smells of breakfast, followed by Billy’s little brother showing up with his 360 and a copy of Black Ops. After having seen the game in action and playing it myself briefly, I can honestly say that it’s more of what I expect from a shooter, and I think I’m leaning towards purchasing it over Medal of Honor, despite the latter being rather good. Now I just gotta get some funds together for that.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that my Green Bay Packers are heading into the second half of the season with a strong record of 7-3, after having handed the Vikings a stiff defeat, 31-3. That’s our fourth win in a row, the last three being shutouts. We’ve only allowed 10 points in the last three games, which is ridiculously awesome. Our super bowl hopes are back, and if nothing else we’re definitely going to the playoffs. Our remaining schedule is up and down in difficulty. We face Atlanta on Thanksgiving, and that’s likely to be a tough one. Then we have two weeks that are fairly easy, facing San Francisco and Detroit. Then our final 3 game stretch is going to be tough as well, fighting the Giants, Patriots, and the Bears. The Bears have managed to keep pace with us this season, we’re both tied with a 7-3 record, although the Bears managed to beat us (or we beat ourselves with penalties rather) the first time we faced them this season, so the final game of the season could very well decide the division title. Either way I’m happy to say that despite all of the injuries we have sustained, we’re still on a roll. With any luck we will end up going farther this year than last (Wildcard round elimination).