Feels Like I’m Talking to Myself

I’m officially a year older. Hello 28. Two more years til I’m 30, and with the direction my life has taken, I feel like I’m behind the curve. Thankfully life tends to change directions rather quickly, so maybe I’ll be back on track by that time. 30 isn’t necessarily old but it’s some sort of milestone in life… many years ago it was considered old, now it’s not quite mid-life. Some days I feel old, others I don’t. Reflecting on the past will definitely help you feel your age, and I have had far too much time for reflection of late. In keeping with the trend I have started, on to the bullets!

  • I have made some progress on the girl front, at least within myself. You can’t move on properly if your past is still tugging at your heart-strings. There were girls that I had somewhat of an interest in, but as soon as anything began to progress I just felt like it wasn’t what I really wanted. Separating the physical from the emotional is something I am adept at, but it is wholly unsatisfying. I won’t be passing up on physical opportunities but I’m not going to rush into anything emotional whatsoever. There’s the off-chance I’ll meet someone eventually, but as of right now I’m content with being alone.
  • There has been no progress on the job front. No under the table work, no legit work. No unemployment either, as the EDD decided they needed proof of my income that was under the table.
  • I played the shit out of the new Medal of Honor. Keith rented it, and I played through the single player campaign. The multiplayer was a ton of fun as well. It makes me want to try out Call of Duty Black Ops, only for the comparison, because which ever is better is the next game I’m buying whenever it is that I have money again. I also hung out with Ted yesterday and watched him try out God of War III and despite having dismissed the game as “button mashing” previously it was actually somewhat intriguing. Being a slightly older game I imagine it would be easy to pick up on the cheap.
  • I went on a download spree after finally catching up with the Joneses and figuring out torrents. It made finding albums I couldn’t find previously on Limewire or Frostwire a lot easier. As a result even after thinning out my collection I still ended up with a net increase of about 100 songs. I downloaded both of the Dethklok albums, the new Madball, the new Daath, an album from Bleed the Sky, and some Eminem that was missing from my collection. I’ve a renewed interest in Pandora, having honed my Chimaira station to the point where I don’t really have to skip or give “thumbs down” to songs very often anymore.
  • I really, really wish I had some money to do black friday shopping with. I want an LCD (preferably an LED or 3D) TV. Playing my PS3 on anything less than that is just god awful and I’m sick of it. I feel like I can’t even enjoy the system I spent $300 on. I have also seen some great deals on new and older PS3 games and blu-rays, so it would be nice to stock up.
  • I made out like a bandit for my birthday, not in worldly possessions but in bills paid. It sounds retarded but a lot of stress was relieved this month. I’m no longer at risk for having my car repoed thanks to my Aunt. The night before my bday I was taken out to Red Robin for dinner and had some drinks afterward. The night of my bday I spent watching football and drinking as well, and got a happy ending 😉
  • I should also mention I got a lotto ticket for my bday that I can check on later today. Crossing my fingers there, it would be nice to not have to worry about money anymore, or get enough that I could pay off my debts and get back on my feet.

I think that’s about it for now. More as it develops.

2 thoughts on “Feels Like I’m Talking to Myself

  1. Sounds like even with your current issues you are keeping your head up and looking to the future. Good for you man. Sometimes its just a waiting game till things get better.

    I like to think of a quote from the movie blow when things don’t look so well for me.

    “Sometimes you’re flush and sometimes you’re bust, and when you’re up, it’s never as good as it seems, and when you’re down, you never think you’ll be up again, but life goes on. “


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