Comfortably Numb

My situation has become somewhat strange, and yet I don’t really feel as depressed as I should. Or at least not like someone else would expect, having heard what’s going on with my life.

I haven’t worked for almost two weeks. That weekend job was enough to make a payment on my laptop, but then next payment will be due on the first which is rapidly approaching. My cell phone is due to be shut off in a couple of days. I am far enough behind on my car payment that I wouldn’t be surprised if it got repossessed. I have no definitive answer as to when I will work again. First I was told that the guys would be working up in Idyllwild all this week, so I should be able to work with them. They worked up there Sunday through today and I was told they were going to L.A. tomorrow, I’m assuming they would be going back to Idyllwild after that, I know that job isn’t finished yet. I keep getting indirect answers about when they will be able to use my help. There was talk about a future-tense job that I could be used on but no further word on it. I haven’t gotten a single bite on any other job I’ve applied for. Financially, I’m completely fucked.

Things between me and Hollee have been amicable. Because I’m friends with her neighbor, I’ve been over there a few times and have seen her, we’ve actually hung out too. At first it was weird because we are no longer together, but then it just felt like normal so I rolled with it. I guess you can say we’ve reverted to being friends with benefits, as we were in the beginning. I’m ok with this only because nothing new has come along. One girl I had seen for a while before Hollee has come back around but come to find out, she’s in a relationship with another girl, so that’s obviously not going anywhere fast. She expressed an interest, but I’m not holding my breath. Honestly I would rather just be with Hollee still, but that’s a dead-end, which I’m sad to say. I do still enjoy her company though, and she’s still being a good friend to me which is more than I thought I would get out of it.

Last Friday Ted had a party at his house. This was to be the first showing of the new singer in their band. I had to see for myself first hand what this guy was all about, despite being a little bitter still. They had a keg and a pretty decent turn out, so I proceeded to get hammered. I talked to Keith for a while and mentioned something about doing a song for “old time’s sake”, and he agreed, allowing me one song at the end of their set. I killed it. In my opinion, biased as it may be, the new guy sucks. He didn’t have a better stage presence than me, in fact his was worse. After it was said and done I was asked by multiple people what my thoughts were and I freely admitted that he sucked, and they should have me as their front man. Nothing has been brought up since though, so I’m assuming they don’t feel the same. A shame, because they’re the ones missing out.

Since then I’ve pretty much been sitting at home. My Dad gifted me a copy of Puzzle Quest 2 on Steam, and I’ve played the shit out of that. It’s a pretty awesome game, a lot more entertaining that I would have originally expected. The concept of combining a point and click RPG and a puzzle game sounds strange but somehow it works. It’s a little much to try to explain here though, so just take my word for it, it’s worth the money. Part of my last post mentioned the achievements on Steam, and though I don’t find them as addictive as the PS3 trophies, I still find myself going after them just to say I’ve done it. Quite a few of them are a bit ridiculous though, especially if you’re the type of person that only plays a game once through and then moves on. So I’ve aimed for the easily achievable ones and am not worrying about the rest. I also tried out a few demos through the service, and made a wishlist accordingly. Hopefully a few of those will get knocked off the list when my birthday rolls around in November.

Because of the lack of a girlfriend and having lost contact with quite a few people (mostly due to marriages and child births), and because no one seems to use Myspace anymore, I finally bit the bullet and got a Facebook account. I boycotted Facebook for years now, having had a Myspace originally (and for over 5 years now), and thinking it was retarded to have two social networking accounts. But Myspace has died within the last year or so, and now that I’m on Facebook I realize that it is the reason. In just one day I’ve accumulated quite a few friends, and have seen tons of posts, comments, picture uploads, bulletins, whatever you want to call it, people are active there. So I’ve started networking again, and hopefully good things come of it. I know that I’ve had a few dates, a lot of events, and even a girlfriend that came out of using Myspace, and if the activity I’ve seen in one day is an indicator, I will have similar success with Facebook. I’ve already had a few conversations with people I haven’t talked to in quite some time. Now if this shit could just get me a job, things would be looking up.

My Packers are looking good going into their week 3 matchup against Chicago. We’re 2-0 and so are they, and there’s no saying which way it will go, but I’m confident in my team. Despite losing our starting running back Ryan Grant, our backup squad got it done last week, and we’re primarily a pass team anyhow. I think it’s going to end up being a good game, but I think we have a slight edge, as we do most times we face our rival. I started up a fantasy league this year, having heard so much in the past about it I was intrigued. Me and my old neighbor got into 3 separate leagues, and 2 out of 3 of my teams have been winning. I haven’t been paying as much attention to it as I should though, not having made any trades or much of anything. About the only alterations I’ve made is benching Ryan Grant, who I had on all 3 teams. Nonetheless I’ve been doing fairly well.

That’s about it for now. Hopefully things will pickup here soon and I will have more to write about.