A Ridiculous Amount of Progress

Over the course of the last week and this last weekend, I knocked out quite a bit. Most of this progress was seen on my Brigand, but there were enough shard runs done to leave only a couple for my Paladin’s last piece of T1 armor. My Paladin also dusted off his tradeskilling abilities, and ended up gaining 4 levels one night, bringing him to level 47 Woodworker. My schedule at work has changed so I no longer work ten-hour shifts, and although this means that I no longer have 3 day weekends, I still feel like have more time to myself, despite it being a 40 hour work week, one way or the other. So a bit of the progress was made during the week, but I really started cranking within the last couple days.

My Fabled Epic was completed last night, however I started getting prepared last week. The most notable part of which was camping Zorv the Soulsnarer for the Garb of Souls in Sanctum of Scaleborn. I camped for 1 hour one night, and 4 hours the next, finally getting the drop after killing countless placeholders, and the named at least 6 times. All of the other pre-requisites for the quest I had completed previously. So after gaining the garb, I was ready to go into Chardok, the first part of the quest where I needed a group. Some of my guildies had alts that needed updates in the zone as well, so we managed to get 4 epics done in two days time. Havoc is now mine, and sadly it’s not nearly as good as the two level 90 weapons I already possessed. But, the step needs to be done to start on the Epic Repercussions line, so it’s a step in the right direction.

Aside from working on the epic, I also soloed quite a few HQs, one of the newest, Digging in the Dirt (which was quite soloable at 90), and some of the oldest I hadn’t done. I blew through about 4 others, and our guild is almost at level 36. I tell ya, having every little amenity you can get in the guild hall makes it the central hub of your gaming experience. Travel is expedited, having an extra port to the guild hall, and having a bell and wizard portal inside, along with my evac and other call spells, I don’t spend hardly any time traveling. Since my faction in Paineel is maxed out, I decided to check out the faction merchant, and ended up dumping 42 plat on one of the new flying disc mounts, and as a result (with AA) I now run at 75%. So even when I’m not porting, running has become easier. Travel really doesn’t get much better than this.

Now, since the next step after getting the epic is to work on the repercussions quest, there was one more requirement for me to complete. To Speak As A Dragon was a bit of a pain, but having gathered all of the statues for the Sword of Destiny timeline, it was a lot easier. I finished that up last night on my Brigand, and now thankfully I will only have to do the shortened version of the quest on my Pally and any other toon. Strangely enough, it’s the first time I ever did the quest, although I’ve never done the Prismatic, Claymore, or SOD either, at least none completely. This is something I plan to rectify, as the lore is rich, and some of the rewards are cool, even if they’d only be used in the appearance slot. I’ve been needing to clear out my journal and so there are plenty of older quests to attend to. Anything for AA, since I’ve hit 175 points, and still need 75. Journal clearing will definitely be required to reach that mark.