Upgrades All Around

Continuing from the realization that I had built my toons in ways that were no longer current, I had to make changes all around. Working towards getting my shard armor has been trivial, done in between more entertaining tasks, and the stats on this armor is more in line with what my Brigand needs to shine. I finished the Bristlebane deity questline, and the agility buff from the ugly cow pet is a welcome addition, I’m not missing Rallos Zek at all. I hit the Kunark-era AA cap of 140 last night, only 90 to go until cap. I also dinged 82, so only 8 levels to go until that cap. I’ve been working the Brigand more than anything as of late, because I would like to get him to 90 as soon as possible, so my other toons can enjoy the experience bonus. Leveling takes a lot longer than I remembered, and especially a lot longer than it did in WoW.

Because my AA trees were already reset when I came back to EQ2, I noticed some of the changes right off the bat, and I did the respecs accordingly. What I didn’t notice until last night, was that the character development tab didn’t change, and it needs to. I had my brigand using intelligence buffs from that tree, and those are no longer as viable as buffing agility. It was a bit late when I noticed, so I ended up calling it a night and plan to visit the AA respec people when I get on here in a few minutes. My Paladin will have to visit the same trainer. His focus shifted from needing relatively every stat, to really only needing str/agi/sta. So I will have to comb over my options and see what I come up with. I’m a min/maxer of sorts, I prefer to squeeze every drop of usefulness out of my toons, and it shows. I was grouped with my Dad and two other guildies last night, one of which was also a Brigand, level 90. I ended up with more Agility with all of our buffs up than him, and I have dated gear. I know I can squeeze out more as well, and I like thinking that I’m the best player the game has ever seen, even if it’s a delusion.

So over the course of the last week I have seen multiple AAs and two levels on the Brigand, much of which came from running solo quests in the Moors of Ykesha, but also from running Unrest, Court of Korucust, and some of the heroic questlines in the City of Mist. I didn’t realize that I really hadn’t done as much of Kunark as I had once thought. I still have solo quests in Jarsath Wastes, and plenty of Heroic quests from the continent and dungeons contained within. Between all of the questlines from the previous two expansions, and dungeons I haven’t touched, getting most of my AAs shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m also using the AA slider set at 25%, so I’m getting AA while I grind. It’s been working fairly well for me, and I haven’t noticed leveling slowing down too much. Drop wise I haven’t seen too many upgrades for my Brigand, aside from the Steel Shackle from that quest series. I did however get a new sword, boots, and an adept for my Paladin last night, all of which he used last night. Sort of sad to see his t7 raid gear getting replaced by t8 legendary stuffs, but it’s the name of the game. The Paladin has been parked aside from doing shard runs, but with those and shinies being fed to him, he’s over halfway thru 76. By the time I hit 90, he might be 78 or so. Less work I’ll have to do to get him to max level, and a bigger xp bonus for my lowbies that I’d like to start getting up there. One way or the other, progress has been steady, and I can’t believe I ever left this game to play others. It’s really the best game I’ve played, and I don’t know when or if I will ever find a replacement.