Bah… server maintenance

So I was just enjoying my time in-game, and there was a warning that the server would be coming down at 12 am. Normally this wouldn’t affect me, but because I didn’t have to work tonight, I was on a bit later than usual. One of my guildies said that they had checked the forums and that our server was unaffected, but apparently she was wrong. It’s all good though, I should probably get some sleep anyway.

Because of changes to stats, and how they affect each class, I realized that I had some changes to make. Changes to my AA setup have already been made, though I’m not quite maxed out for the Kunark-era (140) on my Brigand. Obviously that cap is far below the current one of 250, so I still have a long way to go. Gear changes have been made as I go, and as of now I have two pieces of tier 1 shard armor, and yes I plan to get at least that full set. I also found that my deity, Rallos Zek who was a favorite among Brigands is now sort of defunct, as strength really does nothing for our class. The only pure agility buff from a deity pet comes from Bristlebane, so I was in the middle of working on that quest line when the server came down. I’m almost done with the second quest in the chain. Unfortunately the rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

I did get a couple of updates towards my fabled epic today as well, and with a good push, I should be able to get it done in a day, provided we have enough people online to make a group. I do know that there is another Brigand in my guild that is on the same portion as me, so we’ll get it done. Strength in numbers. I ended up getting my copy of Sentinel’s Fate over the weekend, and I delved into it a bit. I noticed that I was a bit under-geared though, and as a result, I’m going to finish up my remaining Kunark questlines and pretty much all of the Moors quests first, then even if I’m already level 90 I will continue with Sentinel’s Fate. I figure with being so far behind on AAs I might as well do those other quests while they still give me xp, and I’ll be better prepared for the expansion. It wasn’t too difficult, and I’m sure I would have gotten gear upgrades through the quest lines, but I decided to take it slow. As of now, I have 136 AAs and am 40% to level 81 on the Brigand. The Paladin is further behind still, but I will most definitely be taking him through all of the same tedium, as he is to be either the MT or OT for the guild I’m currently in, and that’s a prospect that excites me.

I haven’t touched my Wizard for a week, but my lowbie Defiler has almost caught up to him. The Wizard is currently at level 26, and my Defiler hit level 20 today. My Sister wasn’t online for about a week, so he sat, but she was on today and we did some questing. We should be done with the Darklight Wood quest lines, but because we did a little bit of cheating with collections, we are only about 3/4 of the way through. It won’t take long to get that all done and get over to Butcherblock though. So I guess I’ll go get some rest, and by this time tomorrow night I’ll be at work, but in the interim, I’ll be plugging away at things I want to get done.