The 500th Post aka The Infection

Despite being someone who doesn’t post as regularly as others, I have hit a milestone.

I wish I had as much to talk about as I have in years past. I wish I could have daily posts like a lot of the blogs I read do. But if you look through my archives, you’ll find months of time where I didn’t post much at all, and times where I posted quite a bit. I’m in one of those fluxes now, where I post considerably more often than I did say 3 months ago. Either way, I thank those of you who pour through my ramblings, and I hope you’ll stick around for more of them.

Now for the second half of this post title… The Infection. Though the story I’m about to tell has no relevance to tattoos, I’m going to touch on the topic because of the time frame. Aside from having been tattooed most this year and last compared to all other years I was tattooed, my 2nd most recent tattoo came with an added gift, sort of. The tattoo itself really had nothing to do with an infection, but it was the catalyst. And in case you’re curious, the last tattoo was my last name in viking runes across my shoulders.

The tattoo in question, was an H. R. Giger piece, depicting Jesus as a slingshot (arms held out as if on the cross) held by what appears to be a rendering of Satan, though could be just a simple demon. To describe the picture accurately with words is easier said than done. You could probably Google it, or The Necronomicon which is the book it was found in, not to be confused with a book of the same name in the Evil Dead series of films. I was too lazy to do so myself. And I enjoy your suspense :). Obviously when getting tattooed on a part of your body that has thick hair, you have to shave. I placed this tattoo on my right shin, so I had to shave my leg to get it. I got the tattoo, the tattoo healed, and a bit of time passed beyond that. To my dismay, one day it appeared I had an ingrown hair. This would be a logical thought for someone who had shaved his leg for the first time in his life. I’m sure women are used to it. I picked at it, and let it be. It’s not the first time I had an ingrown hair, so I thought little of it.

Religious persons might be offended at this point, and may even stop reading. If you didn’t know, I’m an Atheist, so the thought of this being offensive is silly to me; it’s a simple piece of art, and still represents your Christ dying on the cross for your sins, complete with a crown of thorns. I’m not the original artist either, so I feel absolved of any guilt I might have if I was the type of person that didn’t live by the policy of “no regrets”. Two funny stories come to mind regarding the topic.

Funny story 1: The day I got the tattoo, after it was all said and done (about 3 hours of drilling) and lubed with A&D, the only part of the tattoo that continued to bleed was the crown of thorns. It’s a situation where I wish I would have taken a picture of it, because I could have sold it on the internet and later see it turn up on a church flyer somewhere. Then again, Geiger probably would have wanted his cut.

Funny story 2: My now ex-roommate Ted just so happens to be religious. Not the holier-than-thou preachy kind, but he loves his God nonetheless. He commented on funny story #1 as being a “sign” and that my tattoo was “sacrilegious”. Shortly after my ingrown was discovered, it continued to fester and eventually turned into a staph infection. So I guess I was smited. At least that’s how Ted viewed it.

So I ended up in the E. R. and was released after two I. V. s of some antibiotic and I got a prescription of Bactrim and Vicodin. A couple of days later things were looking and feeling a lot better, and after the antibiotics were completed it was a small scab covered wound. The scab eventually fell off, and there will be a scar, but it wasn’t like I was getting my leg amputated. Since then I had no issue, until a couple of days ago. A few small bumps appeared that were itchy, and appeared to be bug bites. They eventually came to a head, and eventually the familiar symptoms appeared. I left work early this morning to go to Urgent Care, because throughout the course of the night my ankle swelled from being on my feet. This Doctor was a lot more thorough, giving me tips on how to recognize the signs and fight the infection early, along with a much stronger prescription, and refills to keep me covered til my insurance kicks in on the 1st. So in the end, life goes on.

My band played a show at a bar called The Bum Steer last Saturday. It went off without a hitch, aside from the other two bands that were supposed to play with us pulling out at the last minute. We managed to fill the room with noise long enough for everyone to be happy, and with my Sister as the designated driver, I made sure I got my fill of free drinks for the night. We have another show this Saturday, right down the street from the aforementioned bar, called the Winchester Inn. This is a paying gig, so we’re hoping the assholes we’re playing with don’t pull out, and that people we invited actually show up. We’re guaranteed a paying gig once  a month if this one goes off with a bang, so if you live in the Hemet area, get your ass down to the Winchester Inn on Saturday the 10th! No cover! That’s all for my shameless self promotion.

Oh wait, speaking of which, my band has recorded new songs, which you can check out on our myspace. Two of which are never before heard songs, unless you’ve seen us live of course. Now I’m really done with the self promotion.

Because I was without a computer for a week, my WoW progress has slowed, but I picked up a bit this week. My Warlock is sitting at about 50% to level 49, so the expansion is getting ever more close. I’m currently questing in the Hinterlands, but my travels have taken me to nearly every zone in “vanilla WoW”. I’m captivated by the game. My enjoyment from it only grows. I hope that there will be future MMOs that capture my attention like this, because as we all know WoW is dated just like EQ2 is. Had I stayed playing that game, or as I play this one, I know that eventually there will come a new generation and there will be MMOs that will pull my attention from this game. Or I’ll end up like most older folk I know, and stop playing video games altogether. Although I would rather be dead than not be a gamer, so more than likely the only way that will happen is if I get arthritis so bad I cannot click the mouse or type a blog or hold a Playstation controller. I would like to post more about WoW, making informative posts like I used to for EQ2, but these days I find I’d rather play the game than blog about it. I really didn’t start making EQ2 posts until about a year after I started playing the game either, I would just mention the game briefly as I have been doing with WoW lately. So maybe if I’m still playing in a few months and have a more well-rounded opinion of the game I will have more informative things to say. Until then, snippets will have to do.

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  1. WoW, really? traitor!! lol j/k I can’t sit on my ass that long and be entertained for any reason.. You have fun with that..


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