A Renewed Addiction

I’m surprised to be saying it myself…

But I am starting to feel the MMO addiction coming back, though not as profoundly as before.

World of Warcraft has renewed my enjoyment for the genre. And after all of the shit I talked on it, it hasn’t shied away from making me love it. At this point in time I’m almost level 35 on my warlock, which has become my main. I also have 3 level 10 characters, ones that I just played to see what the talent trees would be like, at least one of which will become a secondary alt when I manage to max out my main. The lowbies are a rogue, hunter, and paladin. All Horde side, because I like to stay loyal to one faction, and because the evil races are just plain cooler.

I don’t have a lot of exploits to share only because it would take far to long to recount them all. I do have a lot to say about the dungeon finder tool, but I’m going to save that for a separate post. Needless to say, I’m having a great deal of fun with the game, and I play nearly everyday. I’m not playing to the degree that I once played EQ2, but I am playing more regularly, and finding myself thinking about the game when I’m at work or doing something less entertaining, I just don’t always jump online when I have a spare moment. So far, I’m managing to balance playing an MMO, some single player games on my PS3, and having a girlfriend/social life. So far so good.

When I’m over at Hollee’s I play my PS3. I’ve picked up Borderlands again, and have made it slightly farther. Having a computer at my house and my consoles at hers makes it good for splitting up my time between systems, but makes it hard to focus on just one thing at a time. This will be alleviated when I move in with her on the 1st of April. Then I’ll have everything in one place, and can pick and choose what I play when, as I’ll spend most of my available time there.

My focus on my band has paid off. We have been practicing regularly, and our set is as tight as ever, with a few additions. We’re still working on new songs, but none are close enough to completion for the stage. We will be busy as hell with shows over the coming months, our drummer who has become our agent of sorts, has been booking shows like crazy. We have two parties at the end of this month, one somewhere else and one at my house for Steve’s (our guitarist) birthday. Then we’re playing every Saturday in April locally and a bit farther out. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and hopefully we’re building ourselves a fan base. One of the shows is a paying gig, and we’ve decided to make t-shirts with the earnings. We’ve also recorded a 5 song demo that’s much better quality than anything we’ve done thus far, that we will be selling at shows along with the shirts. We’ve also planned to go into the studio here at a local place in town so that we can get a full-length recorded and that will be the best bet for selling. Obviously we’ve been busy, and it’s just going to get better from here.