If You Can’t Beat ‘Em…

You know the rest.

Today was payday, and the last day of the first week of my new schedule. Two weeks ago I was still on Day shift, and it was payday as well. Already getting a little antsy about only having one game for my PS3, I rushed to purchase more games. I ended up going RPG crazy, and picked up Dragon Age, and a copy of the Fallout 3 game of the year edition. I quickly tore into Fallout 3 to try it out as I had already experienced some of Dragon Age. Impressive, though I had to see how DA ended. So I rolled up a new character (on my initial encounter with the game I picked a Human Noble Warrior) and got to work. This time I went with a Dwarven Noble Rogue. I must say the game plays much better after having a bit of experience with it. I won’t be able to play the game without Master Coercion ever again! Anyhow, I managed to beat the game in about 40 hours, cumulating in the final battle a few nights ago. There are still more origin stories and endings (along with opposing choices to earn more trophies (why does it seem like this will be addicting??)), but for now I’m done with the game in it’s semi-beaten stage.

I returned to Fallout 3, after having only played up until the escape from the vault that first night. Because someone in the first town (won’t spoil anything in case I’m not the last person on earth to play the game) pissed me off, I chose to be evil and got a pretty show to boot. I’m enjoying the vastly different path idea, the open-ended-ness of it, but at the same time it brings a certain level of boredom. Still, I’ve barely scratched the surface, and it will take some time to give an appropriate reaction to the game. I have enough time to say that Dragon Age is simply the best console RPG I’ve played.

And then it happened…

I jumped on the bandwagon. So to speak. I wouldn’t say fan boy…

I started my new schedule last week. When I first started back at the casino I was given a Monday-Friday 8-4 schedule, which was nice, but I knew eventually I would be going to graveyard. And I ended up getting the best possible schedule given the circumstances. I now work Tuesday-Friday, 1-11 am. Saturday, Sunday, Monday off, but for all intents and purposes, I might as well have Friday off as well. I got off today at 11 am, and I’m still up. I’ve been up since 12 am this morning, with little sleep the night before, but I don’t have to work til Tuesday morning, so I’m livin’ it up. Sort of.

Back to the bandwagon thing. Because I’m on this new shift, I started working with some new people. Because I worked at the casino so long in the past, I knew people from all shifts, especially because these kinds of shift transfers happen all the time (and I worked on both Swing and Day). So I knew some of them unless they started after I was gone. Anyway, the only other person on this “special shift”, is a guy named Robert. Guess what he plays? I’ll wait. Is that your final answer? If you guessed World of Warcraft, you would be correct, although it should have been relatively obvious. But maybe you were in suspense. So Robert has talked my ear off about WoW for the past four days, for ten hours a day.

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time will recall my dislike for the game. I was always an Everquest II player. I do realize that Sentinel’s Fate was just released as well. Not interested. Wasn’t even remotely interested in MMOs for the past I-don’t-know-how-many months. But something changed a bit after playing Dragon Age (which would make an excellent MMO universe if done correctly). I craved the RPG elements that make MMOs great. Not necessarily the interaction with other players, that I can take or leave. But the extra excitement that can come with it is definitely starting to return. I downloaded the trial (which I had done in the past) and played for a couple hours today. I was surprisingly interested. For some reason the appeal that millions of people have seen for years now just clicked, and I was enjoying myself in an MMO. Granted, this feeling has come and gone since I started weaning myself off of MMO addiction a couple years ago. Never has the feeling lasted for more than a month or two, and then I was back to being anti-MMO. We’ll see if Azeroth will stand the test of time, for me.

I bought the Battle Chest today. Both the original game and the Burning Crusade for $40. A $20 discount from a new PS3 game that I would have bought otherwise. So I saved a little cash, and I have something else to do. I like options.