I Will Return

It’s been quite a while. My posting schedule is definitely relative to the amount of free time I have. It’s also quite relative to the amount of content I can cram into a post, and if it’s lackluster I usually just avoid posting. I don’t want to re-iterate what I wrote in my last post, so let’s just say I have enough to say to finally post something.

I quit working at AutoZone. You may recall that I used to work at Soboba Casino, but that I was let go late in 2008, after an almost 4 year span. Because of having been let go, I was forced to take what I could get, and AZ was the answer. Because the person who helped me out with the job could only get me into a store in Riverside (despite having 3 in my hometown) I had to commute every day. And for nearly a year, I did so. I was supposed to be working towards a promotion, but apparently it was going to “take some time”. I began to feel a little passed over (as I have many times in the past) and I started putting feelers out for new work, preferably closer to home, or for more pay. I ended up reapplying at the casino, and I got a bite. I didn’t reapply for security though, this time I applied to be a Slot Technician. Once I told my boss that I was going through the hiring process, he magically got off his ass and started trying to promote me. Insulting as that was, I declined and moved on to the new position at the casino.

It’s been almost a month now, and boy what a difference. Not only did I get a raise going back to the casino (although I’m still shy of what I used to make there), but there’s no more commute, and I get to work with all of my friends who are still employed there. It’s been great thus far. I started out on day shift, working 8-4 with weekends off. Of course, this is only a training period, somewhere around the 15th of February I’m supposed to be going to graveyard. But I’m ok with that. I’ll still be able to do the things I need/want to do because I’ll have the days to myself. I feel that it was a wise change, and a needed one. No more random schedules, no more b.s.

Aside from the change in jobs, there’s been a few more changes in my personal life, along with a few to come. I had posted before that I was really focusing on the band situation, and the hard work has finally paid off. We were having trouble getting things together after Steve left for Northern California. My roommate Ted took over on guitar and we practiced here and there. Morale was low. Things were finally starting to pick up, and we made some new songs; played a couple low-key parties. One day Keith called me and said he found us a new guitar player. He mentioned this guitar player already knew our songs, and I had some suspicions. He eventually let on that it was Steve, and he was coming back home. So, we kept Ted and welcomed back Steve. We now have two guitar players and boy do we sound beefy. We have since finished two new songs, picked back up some covers, and fleshed out our set list. Last night we played our first show with the current lineup at The Corner Pocket in Murrietta. The show went off without a hitch and I think we did well only having a couple practices under our belts. Were set to play another show this Sunday in Santa Ana, and another the following Friday at a different venue in Murrietta. Things are going great, and it’s only going to get better.

My gaming time has been spent off of the computer mostly. I have avoided MMOs for probably the longest period ever, and I have no intentions on going back. I have re-discovered my love for console games, and there really aren’t any exclusive PC titles that are drawing my attention. I played through Torchlight, and after that was through I’ve been away from the computer. I got back into console gaming on my Wii, picking up where I left off on titles previously purchased (some virtual console titles, along with a couple Wii games), and picking up a few new titles. I bought The House of The Dead: Overkill and played through it. Got a copy of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for christmas, and am still playing through the first game. Ted got some new games for christmas for his 360, and we played through Left 4 Dead 2, touched on Assassin’s Creed 2, and just started on Army of Two: 40th Day. Ted’s girlfriend (who is now a roommate as well) ended up borrowing some games from a relative, one of which was the new Dragon Age: Origins, which I played fervishly while it was here. Plays just like the old Baldur’s Gate PC titles, except in 3D.

Then I got my tax return. Then I decided it was time to purchase a PS3. The system ran me $300, but I had to grab a game and a HDMI cable so it would look real pretty on my 40″ LCD (not sure if I mentioned that, it was a black friday purchase). The game I chose was Borderlands, which is a first person shooter with RPG elements (think Diablo in first person with guns). It’s awesome thus far, and my soldier is level 15 after only having the game for a couple days. I get paid this friday, and I have relatively no bills to pay so I will be picking up a second controller and 1-2 more games. Maybe I’ll pick up a blue-ray movie as well, so I can see what that hype is about.

Speaking of movies, my collection has grown. Most recently I picked up a copy of Saw VI, but in the past couple months I also picked up Inglorious Basterds, District 9, 9, and the two family guy star wars episodes. I got a couple more of the Harry Potter movies for christmas as well, so I have all of them aside from the latest that came out on DVD. Then the other day a friend from work gave me a shitload of bootleg DVDs, including Sherlock Holmes (another awesome Guy Ritchie flick), The 3rd Kind, Pandorum, and a few others. I’ve been on a movie kick for the past couple months.

All this aside, I’m planning to be moving again here at the beginning of March. Hollee’s old roommate moved out and she’s been struggling to keep her apartment by herself, and my lease at this dump is over at the end of the month. So I’m hoping to be gone as soon as the lease is up so that I can move forward with that relationship, and so I can have all my shit in one place again! I will attempt a more regular posting schedule, but again, that is not likely until I have enough content to fill a post. Until next time…