27, Officially.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I think I made out pretty well. I had decided a couple weeks ago that it would be a good idea to have a party at my house and for my band to play. So that’s what we did. But let me start at Friday, since I had myself a 3 day weekend.

Friday I lazily got out of bed around 11. Me and Ted needed to prepare (clean) the house for the party. When I awoke Ted was already dutifully cleaning the yard, so I helped him finish up. Then we tackled the interior of the house. It was the first time we had really deep cleaned this place, so it was pretty gross. But now that it’s done, the place looked really nice. After all of the cleaning, I hung out and waited for Hollee to get here, and then we headed to my Mom’s house for dinner. My Mom made me wontons at my request, and got me a cheesecake to boot. Afterwards I got a couple gifts and then we headed home. I ended up getting a copy of The Spirit and Step Brothers. I had also purchased a copy of Quarantine a couple of days prior. So the movie collection has grown ever so slightly. My dad also sent me an email with links to download Torchlight, and another game called Overlord. Both are very fun and interesting games, and I’m content to say that I won’t be bored for a while.

Yesterday was the big day, and after sleeping in a little, me and Hollee headed out to do a couple things. Aside from having purchased a PA speaker cabinet (I purchased a second) Hollee also got me a couple pairs of converse. We stopped and had lunch after errands, and then came back home to wait for the guests to arrive. Keith called me around 5:30 and needed me to pick him up. I grabbed him and came back and we set up the drums and PA equipment. We had a decent turnout, some of my friend that I thought wouldn’t show up did, and some that I thought would show for sure didn’t. But it was a good time. We played songs, Keith Sr. played a couple more, and then we proceeded to get sloshed. All in all it was a great night.

Today I slept until almost 1. Apparently I was up until almost 5 a.m. so I guess that’s a good reason. I got to watch my Packers humiliate the Cowboys, and that was a refreshing start to my day. Afterwards we watched the amazing comeback effort by the Colts, who remain undefeated. And that’s about all for my weekend. I go back to work tomorrow at 11, so until next friday I’ll be workin’. Then I’ll have another 3 day weekend, and man are they nice.