Biting the Bullet

So I’ve been playing DDO, and yes, it’s been fun. I enjoy the game well enough, but that sense of knowing the ins and outs of a game and the sense of community is lacking. Why? Probably because I don’t know a single person playing the game in real life, and I haven’t bothered to ask around for groups or anything. As I said before, I was treating it as a glorified Diablo, and for that purpose, it was well suited.

But, as with most single player games (although it is not a single player game I was just treating it as such), boredom comes quickly. It’s not to say that I’m utterly bored with it, but the lure of GU53 and commentary from blogs I frequent, EQ2 is calling me.

I was just browsing through the EQ2 Players website, and out of curiosity did a search on my two mains. Neither has been logged on since November of 2008, which is when The Shadow Odyssey was released. I admittedly purchased that expansion and only played for a couple weeks, and then hung up the game altogether.

My MMO gaming and my personal life have had a linked relationship. When my life is settled (i.e. steady job, steady girlfriend, steady living situation), I feel the urge to play games, particularly MMOs. When my life is chaotic (i.e. no girl, unemployed, uncertainty about living situation), which it has been for the past year, I don’t really feel the urge to play video games at all.

Because my life is settled right now, I’ve been working the same job since January (after my short unemployment spell), I’ve been dating the same girl since June (after a bit of playing the field), and I’ve been living in this new house since August (after having moved back in with the parents, and then back with the roomies, and then having to move unexpectedly). So overall, things are good in real life, so when I have down time from work, or from the girlfriend, or from social things in general, I really want to play video games.

I’m thinking it was a severe burnout. I played EQ2 nearly everyday for a few hours a day for about 2 years. It can (and has) happen to anyone. There was a rush of new MMOs that interested me, but in the end, nothing has compared to the fun and memories I’ve had playing EQ2. With that said, I’ve heard there’s a level cap increase again in February, along with some nifty features added in GU53 (the AA slider being the most notable addition). I’m definitely far behind, but compared to a brand new player I don’t have so much to pick up on. I do know that I experienced a large chunk of the solo questing from ROK, but I barely scratched the surface of grouping/raiding. And as far as TSO goes, I haven’t done much of anything. So I’m really thinking of resubscribing, at least for a month and see how it goes.

I’m not looking to jump back in full throttle though. I have made a mental commitment to not get addicted again. I don’t want to miss out on the wonderful things that real life can throw at me. But there are at least a couple days a week where I have a few hours to kill, and I would like to spend those hours back in a game world that I truly enjoyed. I know that my Paladin has a few levels to go before hitting cap, but I may end up utilizing that slider to get some additional AA before hitting the cap. My Brigand is at cap, so he’s assed out, but there’s a lot of content he has yet to see, so AA should come. I know I had a lower level alt as well that can really get some benefit from the slider. And then there’s always the lure of making an alt just for the sake of making one.

So count me back in, and I’ll be happy to share my new adventures in Norrath!